2021 BMW X1 – Is the Most Affordable BMW any Good?? ($35k)

2021 BMW X1 – For every brand they have a vehicle that serves as the entry point into their lineup, designed to get and hopefully keep customers that will buy repeatedly for bmw. This x1 is the most affordable vehicle in their lineup and is packing the same styling and many of the same elements straight from its more expensive, siblings, so starting at a little over 35 grand.

2021 BMW X1 Release Date

2021 BMW X1 Release Date

What You Have to Get From 2021 BMW X1

Is this a great crossover to buy? Let’s. Go ahead and find out. Now, when i talk about similar styling, i really do mean similar styling, because this 2021 BMW X1 really just packs in that x3 and x5 style and just kind of miniaturizes it. So you have got all those signature. Bmw elements that you expect, including your signature, kidney grill last year, this was refreshed to have a larger grill. However, it’s, still quite a bit smaller than what you find on most of the modern bmws.


Of course you have both your x line and your m sport availability. So if you choose the m sport package, that’s going to black out this grille for a more aggressive look as well as the lower fascia. Go ahead and scoot over here next to the headlights, so this model actually comes standard with halogen headlights. However, you probably won’t, see any of them equipped like that, because you do have available led headlights which do have cornering lamps as well like.

I said these are optional: fog, lights are also available. We don’t, have them on this example, because for 2021 they have been eliminated from the convenience package. Now, as you’d, expect from any bmw you have got a series of different wheels you can choose between. This is actually the standard wheel, but it still looks very nice. This is a 18 inch contrast, alloy wheel, you can choose this finish or you can actually get a full gloss.

Black finish like we sampled. Last year and then the m sport model does have its own unique wheel and there are some available 19s as well now coming up here to our mirrors. You actually have pretty much all the features on this one since we have the convenience package, so we have standard heating.

That package throws in power folding and auto dimming. However, for some reason we don’t have blind spot monitoring on this model. So let’s, go ahead and check out this x1 rear design. Now one of the best things about the 2021 BMW X1 is the fact that honestly, this rear looks exactly like almost every other bmw crossover.

2021 BMW X1 Configurations

2021 BMW X1 Configurations

So, even though this is the most affordable crossover in the bmw lineup, this looks very similar to the x3 x5 x7. So, as far as what that design is going to consist of it’s, going to be these full led tail lights, every individual component in here is led, including the turn signal and reverse light.

And then, if we drop down you’re noticing, we do have some rugged black matte plastic, that’s, going to be for these regular x-line models. However, you, however, if you go for the m sport, it will add body, color, lower body kit and then down below that we have some more body, color trims of silver trim and dual exhaust outlets.

Now, as far as your safety systems, you’re. Going to get three out of four of them standard on the 2021 BMW X1, which is pretty good for a german vehicle, so that’s, going to be ford emergency, braking with pedestrian detection lane keeping assist as well as auto high beam headlamps.

However, you are going to have to option on the adaptive cruise control, but anyway, guys that sums up the 2021 BMW X1 exterior design. I love the paint color, but now let’s, go ahead and check out the interior of this vehicle.


As you can see, this does have the brand’s, typical key fob and, of course, to get inside the vehicle itself just grab behind the handle, and it will unlock all right now taking a look inside of the cabin itself. This was just refreshed. Last year, so you’ll notice.

A lot of those same changes, of course, will be present here. Now let’s, get into some of our different interior material and color options. So, starting out you’ll, have the sensotec leatherate as standard that comes in your choice of this black or the oyster color options.

Now you can also get dakota leather for fifteen hundred dollars. That comes with the same two colors, plus also a mocha option. Now turning over here to your door trim, you’ll, find leatherette across the armrest portion as well as above. It is going to be soft touch along the top, and we also have some optional wood trim on this example.

2021 BMW X1 Interior

2021 BMW X1 Interior

As far as our windows are going to be, one touch auto up and down for all four then checking out these seats themselves. These are eight-way power. Adjusting with four-way lumbar support – and you also have standard memory – seating located right here and like i was saying um we do have the leatherette seats.

These have a nice realistic feel, i will say they are very flat seats, so they don’t really have any bolstering on the standard version of the seat, but if you get the m sport model, you have the sport seats, which have significantly more bolsters all right. So now let’s, go ahead and take a look around the material quality of the cabin being the most affordable.

Bmw materials are still fine, so you have a soft touch plastic across the upper dashboard. With a color contrast, stitching detail as we move down, we have a large piece of this high gloss wood trim below that we have more soft touch materials again with a stitching detail.

You also notice a piece of leatherette that runs all through here and along the passenger side, which kind of makes for a little handlebar. I do like that. Look and then off on this side is going to be hard touch, but everything does fit together in that typical bmw way.

2021 BMW X1 Cargo Space

2021 BMW X1 Cargo Space

Now, to start it up press the standard button. Now, after it starts up, you’ll notice, something a little bit different than in your typical bmw and that’s. The fact that we actually have a traditional analog gauge set up versus the live, cockpit professional gauges.

You find in most of the other models that’s, actually not going to be available on the 2021 BMW X1. So this is the setup you’ll, always get that being said. Information down here at the bottom is reconfigurable. Now, in addition to that, though, you have a head up display up here at the top. If you choose the premium package – and it is nice and vivid now coming back to the steering wheel, of course, we have electric power, assisted steering and a nice leather wrapped steering wheel.

The wheel itself is going to be manual tilt and telescoping, and you can also option on heating, which is located right there. Okay, so now let’s, go ahead and check the interior storage, because this is a relatively small vehicle. So bmw has really pushed down this console area.

To give it a nice open and airy feel you’ll notice that your armrest, it kind of just floats above here. So when you open up this top part, this really doesn’t have the storage in it. This is just designed to be a wireless phone charging pad. So what you basically do is stick your phone in this push this back and then it should lock into place. However, my phone’s, a little bit too big to fit in there.

So before you choose this 500 option, you might want to check and see if your phone will fit now. Underneath of that, you’re, going to have your main center console. This is fairly spacious for a vehicle in this size category. It does have a rubber lining at the bottom, as well as a usb type-c, and we can stick. Our stack of coupons in there looks like they’re gonna fit no problem whatsoever.


Now, up in front of that, we have our two cup holders. We have another storage area right here: 12 volt outlet, a traditional usb port now coming back here to the shifter. This last year was replaced to become an electronic shifter. So this operates exactly the same way as in other bmw products.

2021 BMW X1 Interior

2021 BMW X1 Interior

So you’re, going to pull back for drive. You can bump over here to the left. If you want to do some manual shifting and if you choose the m sport model that will throw in paddle shifters now heading into reverse, we do have a standard backup camera on board.

You’ll, also notice. Of course, we have our parking visualization over there on the side for front and rear parking, sensors and active trajectory and then for park just press the p right there on top. Of course, you do have an electronic parking brake located behind there. Now we’ll, move on up the dashboard to our climate controls. Next, we do have a standard, dual zone, automatic climate control setup, of course, very simple.

To use you have all your physical buttons located right through here. You also notice. We have the heated seats, these are included in the premium package or as a standalone option. Seat ventilation, though, is not available and then up above that we have kind of traditional style, audio controls through here with your presets, as well as your physical volume knob.

However, if you’re, real big into audio, then definitely go for that upgraded sound system, which will be more impressive. Of course, i do want to point out something about these speakers. You’ll notice. There is no speaker down in the lower part of the door trim, and that is to maximize storage of our storage, that’s inside of the door trim. Okay. So now let’s return to the main display. So what we’ve got on board with this model is an 8.8 inch display.

This is standard equipment, and this was one of the things that was upgraded in the refresh last year. Now this system is still running the older style, idrive 6 system. So the software is a little bit different than what you see in the latest bmw products. However, it is mostly the same uh. The display itself is a touch screen or you can use the idrive controller down below um and you actually do have standard navigation across all the models, which is a nice touch.

2021 BMW X1 Specification

We have a sun visor with the led light, tiny cracker-sized mirror and we can also detach. However, we cannot extend the sun visor yeah. This has a really nice pull to it. Um. You know straight from the line just kind of builds power as you increase in rpms. So this is a two liter turbocharged four cylinder engine makes 228 horsepower 258 pound-feet of torque um, especially the torque figure.

I think is really what makes this feel pretty peppy because it definitely um you know, pulls like i said you have a nice punch as you take off, and this is a very small vehicle. So you know it. Doesn’t take a lot to get it going and i think it’s, pretty impressive, actually yeah. Now, as far as the transmission we’ve got an eight-speed automatic transmission on board.

2021 BMW X1 Specification

2021 BMW X1 Specification

It’s a really nice transmission um definitely shifts very smoothly as you’re underway. You know, and just basically, this kind of transmission that you can ignore in a sense because it’s, not really an important part of the uh. You know driving experience now i want to talk about as well the fact that this is actually a front-wheel drive based bmw, so that’s unusual in the bmw lineup.

So you have standard front, wheel, drive and available all-wheel drive, and you know, as he was mentioning performance, is not really a mission of the 2021 BMW X1. It’s more about just comfort, and you know i’d. Say i’m, pretty impressed by it. We’re, hitting a few bumps other than the seats being pretty firm. The all the all the seats throughout the cabin are very firm, so maybe you like that or not, but i think the ride quality is good.

It’s, a good ride quality, but you do feel a little bit just because the seeds are so firm. But even though this is not, you know focused on sport per se, it does still have a little bit of that bmw dynamics. When you throw it through a corner, the steering is nicely weighted as well, and you can see it’s very fast responding. So i’m glad to see that bmw still injected. You know a little bit of enthusiasm into it.

Now you may be curious about the fuel economy of this 2021 BMW X1 and for front drive. It’s, going to come in a 24 33 27 and all wheel drive is going to be 26 combined yeah and we do have an auto start. Stop system on board as well um.

How much the 2021 BMW X1 Price?

I think you would be able to notice that there’s. It’s, definitely different from the uh, bigger bmws in the sense that is less luxurious, but also does have an older just kind of design to it, because this is an older product and you know let’s, go ahead and discuss The pricing, because obviously this is actually the cheapest way into the bmw lineup, so that’s, a strong suit for it.

2021 BMW X1 Price

2021 BMW X1 Price

The front drive model is going to start at $35.400 bucks. All wheel drive is going to be $37.400. and when i pull out the sticker here, we do have the very steep 1200 for the paint on the outside. I love the paint, but that’s pretty steep and we also have the destination charge of 9.95 and a few other options brings this one to $44.940 bucks yeah, and this is uh pretty well equipped for the the 2021 BMW X1 lineup there’s not really much more, that you can add to it beyond what we have on this example um.