2021 BMW X3 – Even More to LOVE for BMW’s Best Seller!

2021 BMW X3 – As crossovers have taken over the auto market, people have increasingly been choosing the BMW x3 over three series, and that’s why we’re standing next to the 2021 BMW X3 right now. BMW’s number one selling product so with more safety systems, more tech, and more standard equipment.

2021 BMW X3 Release Date

2021 BMW X3 Release Date

What You Have to Get From 2021 BMW X3

Let’s, go ahead and see if this 2021 x3 is the best compact luxury SUV, you should buy, so getting started here with the exterior design. First, of course, this has got your signature. BMW, look that you’ve grown accustomed to, and that includes your signature kidney grill.


Now, with the 2021 BMW X3, you have a smaller version, one of the smaller versions in the lineup as compared to something like the x7, and you’ll notice here with this m sport model, we have the more aggressive, lower fascia on board and we have the extended shadow line trim so that actually gloss blacks out—all of these elements for a nice look now coming over here to your headlights.

Of course, you have very advanced and cool. Looking at led headlights with a three-dimensional design, every part is led. We also have the optional adaptive abilities, which come in the executive package, and then down below here, we have our led fog light.

Now you won’t be surprised to know that BMW offers a really wide range of wheel options on board. What we have on this one is the standard wheel that comes with the m sport package. So this is a 19 inch dark gray.

Alloy, you do have various 20 and 21-inch options you can choose between. If you want something a little bit more expressive now coming on up here to our mirrors, BMW nicely includes every feature as standard equipment, so you have heating, you have auto-dimming.

You have power-folding and new for 2021; you have standard blind-spot monitoring now before we get around to the rear design. I do want to point out one of them sports packages benefits that’s, going to be that you’re, going to get body-color all around the vehicle as well as in the back, whereas on the more basic ones.

2021 BMW X3 Color

2021 BMW X3 Color

You would have that matte plastic. Now, if we go around to the rear design itself, you’re going to have a sporty look with the m sport package, but also a very classy one, as all 2021 BMW X3 have always had now.

Nothing’s new for 2021, so as far as the taillights, these are going to be your standard, BMW tail lights. They are fully led with your brake light, turn signal and reverse light. Then, if we drop down like I was mentioning earlier for them sport, you will have this nice gray finish, and you’re also going to have darkened-out exhaust outlets.

Now, thankfully, for 2021, BMW has updated its safety systems to make more of the standard. In addition to ford emergency braking of pedestrian detection, you’re also going to have active blind-spot monitoring and lane departure warning.

Now you’re. Still going to have to option on the driving assistance plus package if you want the more advanced safety systems like lane, keeping assist adaptive cruise control, and a traffic jam assistant.


Of course, you do have a standard, smart entry system with BMW’s latest key fob and then to get inside the vehicle itself. Just grab behind the handle, and it will unlock all right and taking a look inside of the cabin.

Of course, it does have that signature 2021 BMW X3 look, but each different trim level does have special touches, which we will point out. Of course, as we go through the video now talking about the different material and color options, you have quite a few standards that are going to be synthetic leatherette with your choice of black or camber beige.

However, most of the models, including this one, will have the optional vernasca leather. We have the black option, but you have cambira beige, mocha, oyster, or cognac options as well now, turning over here to your door trim.

2021 BMW X3 Change

2021 BMW X3 Change

Of course, it is nicely appointed. You have a leather material that covers pretty much the entire thing, including the armrest above it and across the top. We have this nice-looking aluminum trim. I love the way. This looks additionally, of course, aluminum door handle two-person, memory, seating, and all four windows are one-touch automatic.

With them support package, you do get your m branding and your aluminum pedals, and as far as the seats, these will be ten way. Power. I was adjusting with 4-way lumbar support. You do have adjustable side bolsters and a manual thigh extension, and then, like I was already mentioning. This – is the real vernasca leather, a very attractive seat, design that BMW’s included here, lots of stitching details and unique designs in the middle.

Of course, being a BMW, it’s pretty much your expectation that it’s, going to have a very nice cabin, and indeed it does so across our upper dash. With their sport package, we have the sensotec leatherette covered dashboard. 2021 BMW X3

So all this will, of course, be covered in leatherette, with the color contrast stitching detail. As we move down below that, we have more of this nice. Looking aluminum trim is going to be padded through here, as well as along the lower areas, and then the center tunnel is mostly finished and a high-quality piano black now start up put your foot on the brake and press the standard button.

So immediately after startup, you will be greeted with BMW’s. Now, signature 12.3-inch live cockpit, professional, full digital gauge cluster. It has a unique look, of course, from traditional gauges, and then you’ve got in the middle.

You know different types of things. Right now, we have the navigation display in there. I just really like how all this blends together nicely new for 2021. If you choose the m40i model, this will now be included as standard equipment.

2021 BMW X3 Interior

2021 BMW X3 Interior

Now, in addition to that up top here, you’re, going to find a head up display when you push this button on the steering wheel. This will allow you to go through many different kinds of settings right up here.

So i really like that. You actually have the option to change things inside of the head-up display, so you don’t have to look down at the main gauge cluster. Now, coming back here to the steering wheel, we have one of my favorite steering wheels in the entire auto industry. 2021 BMW X3

This is bmw’s m steering wheel. Since we have the m sport package really thick nice feeling steering wheel. You have the leather leather covered, airbag cover and the m branding, of course, as far as the wheel itself is going to be manual, tilt and telescoping, and we do have heating on board as part of our model’s.

Executive package, okay, but at the end of the day this is still a family crossover. So let’s, go ahead and check the storage so underneath of our center console here we do have a pretty nicely sized center bin.

It does have a really nice lining here at the bottom, and you also have a usb type-c inside we’ll grab out. Our coupons here looks like they’re going to fit in here. No problem whatsoever certainly fits a lot better than the competing audi q5, for instance, and then up in front of that, we have a little cover here.

We can slide that back. This is going to reveal our two cup holders, a 12 volt outlet, as well as a large area here, which doubles as a wireless phone charging pad now coming back here to the shifter. 2021 BMW X3

This is bmw’s typical electronic shifter. So you just push on the unlock button, pull back for drive you can bump over here to the right. If you want to do some manual shifting – or you can do this via the paddle shifters pressing the opposite direction, to go into reverse, and when you do, you will be greeted with a 360 degree camera system, if you choose the executive package like this model.

2021 BMW X3 Transmission

2021 BMW X3 Transmission

As you can see, resolution on board here is really crystal clear, love all the options you do have automatic parallel, perpendicular parking abilities located right there. We can also bump over here to the left side and go into the signature 3d view. Bmw remains one of the only automakers that offer this functionality, and i just am always impressed by it every time i see it and then for park, just press the p right on top and then behind the shifter.

You have your electronic parking brake as well as your brake hold function and then in front of that we also have our drive modes now moving on up the dashboard. The next thing we come to is our climate controls.

So what we’ve got on board is a standard three zone, automatic climate control setup, of course, as you can see very easy to use, just just with these two large knobs. You also have some metal buttons along the sides there to adjust.

Your other settings, and then we have three stage heated seats which are included in either the premium package or on this model’s. Executive package and a seat. Ventilation is available as an extra cost option and up above that, we have some physical controls.

So this is a really nice improvement. We do have the split screen ability, because we have the wide 10.25 inch display versus the standard. Eight inch display now going back into the our main idrive system.

This is the newest version of idrive called i drive seven as you can see, i am using it as a touch screen, but you can also use that control knob down at the bottom or you can use voice commands to control it.

As far as your features on board, like i already mentioned, standard android, auto standard apple carplay, both of them are wireless. You also have a integrated navigation system if you’d, rather use that now moving above that we have an auto dimming mirror with three homelink remotes, then up here at the very top, we have a panoramic sunroof.

We can get that shade to go back here. You’ll, see that the glass panel is very large, goes all the way back past. The second row headrest. So here i am in the 2021 BMW X3’s, rear seat and as far as the space is concerned, we’ll start with that.

First, you’re, going to have 36 inches of your leg, room 39 inches of your headroom, which just place it right on par with that of its german rivals like the audi q5 and mercedes-benz glc, and as far as behind receding position, i have.

I would say a solid five inches or so of leg room and my feet can easily set up underneath the seat, certainly not an issue for an average size adult here in this x3s rear seat. Now let’s turn our attention towards the features.

So here in the center, we do have vents that’s, going to be standard on all of the models, as are the three zone climate controls, so the rear can adjust its temperature independently back here, we don’t have it on this particular model, but heated rear seats are an option and then, if we drop down further below that, we have two usb type cs. Then if we fold down the center armrest, we do have two pop-out cup holders now walking up to your tailgate.

2021 BMW X3 Cargo Space

2021 BMW X3 Cargo Space

You are going to have a hands-free power, one standard across all 2021 BMW X3, which that’s. A really nice touch, so in order to open just wave your foot under the bumper and it does open right up now. As far as the space is concerned, you’re, going to be very impressed by this figure, since you’re going to have 29 cubic feet of space behind the second row seats that expands all the way up to 63 cubic feet.

If you fold them down, you do have 40 20 40 split folding rear seats in this x3, and i do want to point out that that is larger than what you’re, going to get in the mercedes glc by quite a bit and larger Than the audi q5, as well now as far as how they finished it as a bmw, after all, so you have a really nice finishing.

You have plush carpeting along the floor. If we lift it up, you do have plenty of additional storage here and then off to the side. We do have a few storage cubbies as well as a cargo cover. Now, here at your passenger seat, you are going to have the same adjustments as the driver, so that’s, nice and then, if we open up the glove box, we’re, going to have a pretty decently sized glove box.

That’s, not like the largest one. I’ve ever seen, but it certainly is fine for our coupons. You know i mean that’s, a extremely important part of any vehicle you could ever look to buy and they do fit in there just fine.

2021 BMW X3 Specification

So you can have a bmw and use your coupons and then up top. We do have a led light, as well as a little tiny, tiny mirror, and then we can also detach it and extend nice very good yeah. So, just like with most of your german suvs, these are quick.

They honestly feel quicker than the you know, numbers that are they’re, always rated at so this has got the 2 liter turbo 4 cylinder, since this is the 30i of course, that’s, making 248 horsepower 258 pound feet of torque.

Definitely feels on par with. You know, that of like the q5 and the glc yeah, and it’s, going to be a lot more than something like a lexus nx. It certainly feels a lot faster than that. Yeah yeah. Definitely plenty of power on tap.

2021 BMW X3 Specification

2021 BMW X3 Specification

Now, if that’s, not enough for you um, there is also the m40i, which you know we’re. A big fan of we love that car, that’s a fantastic engine and that’s, going to have 382 horsepower, so a very significant power boost.

If you want to go for that, it also sounds fantastic. I also want to talk a bit about the transmission, so we have an eight-speed automatic transmission on board um. This is a really really really well done.

Transmission um, you know super smooth when you’re, just kind of cruising around being comfortable like we are now but uh. You also notice how fast the shifts are, so you really have that kind of sporty dynamic, as you expect for bmw.

So when you really get after it, it blast off shifts really as quick as a dual clutch, and we’ve been talking a lot about just the you know, engine and performance, but i do also want to mention that this 2021 BMW X3 is really not It is a bmw after all, but it’s not like sport focused until you get to like the m40i.

This is very much comfort oriented and it’s cruising along. It has a really superb ride. Quality i’d, say it’s right on par with that of the glc and audi q5 um soaks up the bumps. Well, it’s, also very quiet inside of this cabin.

So we’ll, get a sound level reading, hopefully um here over the course of this test drive that we can compare to some of the rivals all right ian, let’s, go ahead and mention the fuel economy. So, of course, that’s, a pretty important part of anything in this segment um, so the 30i rear drive is going to come in at 27 miles a gallon combined.

If you go for a x, drive, all-wheel drive that’s, going to be 25 miles a gallon. Now that’s, particularly worth noting, because that’s, a really really good fuel economy figure um it’s. Competitive with, like the best in the segment like the audi q5, and they do offer alternative powertrains, if you want even better fuel economy to that right and part of this, it goes with the auto start.

How much the 2021 BMW X3 Price?

Now, as far as our air ball, i’m going to say it’s. The price of this particular model that we’re testing out today. Now, of course, you can’t, get an 2021 BMW X3 very competitive with the rest of the german rivals, but this one today is a little over fifty eight thousand dollars which that’s, getting very close to like the m40i territory that we’ve tested out many times and you still have the standard engine.

2021 BMW X3 Price

2021 BMW X3 Price

You’re missing out some of uh the equipment that those other models had. So this one’s a little bit high in price today. Now, as far as the pricing for the other models, the rear drive x3 is going to start at $43.000. All wheel drive $45.000, and if you want to go for the m40i, that’s going to be $56.600 bucks. But overall, this 2021 BMW X3 really is as strong of a competitor, as ever i mean there’s, just kind of something about this vehicle that just checks off boxes.