2021 Ford Bronco Sport Base – The Best New Small Suv Under $30k?

2021 Ford Bronco Sport – The broncos sport being that smaller bronco is being affectionately called the baby bronco. If you’re saying yourself well, this is blasphemy. How does ford do this? They ruin the bronco name. Well guess what this is not the first time that they’ve had a smaller sized bronco.

2021 Ford Bronco Sport Change

2021 Ford Bronco Sport Change

They’re once upon a time in a galaxy very far away was a bronco called the bronco 2, which is a smaller bronco. That was back in 1984. The original bronco, of course hit the trails in the 1960s with the broncos sport. It’s on the ford escape chassis, which is going to keep it in that smaller size. But what ford is saying is that there’s, big space to the interior, and i really want to showcase. What do you get when you go base?

What You Have to Get From 2021 Ford Bronco Sport

Many different ways to trim this out. This is that lowest trim level, just a bass, 2021 Ford Bronco Sport i want to find out. Is it worth your harder money, and is this a standout 4×4 because remember it’s standard 4×4 across all the trims for a base and your money? Let’s, go ahead and find out first of all, love the color.


It’s called carbonized gray, a nice metallic gray, and i think it balances well with all the of the flat black that we’re gonna find. Now, when we get to the headlight setup, you can see our led. You do get led daytime running lamps, you have that projector beam style, headlight and everything else in there is a nice balance of some silver and a little bit of gloss black.

You work your way down. We have some non-functionality. I’m, not going to zonk it, but i wish that manufacturers would stop filling in the gaps because normally there would be fog lamps here they decided to put this little ridge thing of a design, not really digging it, but this is a base.

Now, when you come across the grill same overall grill design, it’s non-functioning up top. You do get gloss black on the 2021 Ford Bronco Sport name. Remember you can trim that a different way where it’s, a nice bright white, but you do have functionality in the center and obviously, in this larger area, everything else is going to be flat.

Black. The good news is over time. I think that this will show a lot better than if it was gloss black or something shiny like that. So it’s, really clean, simple straightforward. When you get up onto the hood same story, whether you go big bend outer banks, big dipper little dipper with this base trim, you’re gonna get the same exact hood and it’s stylish.

2021 Ford Bronco Sport Towing Capacity

2021 Ford Bronco Sport Towing Capacity

It looks great even from behind the wheel. I love the way it looks, gives some nice visibility a unique driving experience when you come around the bend. What are we working with wheel and tire stuff? So when you go base 2021 Ford Bronco Sport here is your base wheel, metallic silver, simple on the design, but you know what it’s, a clean look with our carbonized gray 225 on the width, 65 series sidewall and really just liking the nice bright.

So, of course, you’re, going to get the bronco badge in the center. I’m so glad that they created a beautiful looking badge like that, and i think it really just kind of encompasses the whole tradition, the heritage that goes with the bronco name. Now, as you go down the side fender, you can see the nice hard body line. You do have a fake vent here, which i am going to zonk. I wish they would have done something with this little area flat black, just like a front front flat black on your mirror caps.

We do get a little bit of gloss black and i kind of like it, especially with the way there’s. Some other gloss black on the side you have, these high mounted roof rails, think about it, a lot of other vehicles that are base trim. This is one thing that goes right away, because this is a good way to cut costs, not on the 2021 Ford Bronco Sport. Nice rise, you’re gonna get that safari style hood, which is perfect flat black or excuse me, not hood roof hood’s up there.

Roof is over on the top side, flat black on the door handles and, of course, on the lower sill. Also that same plastic material. Now, as we work towards the rear, you can see that, like i was saying the safari style roof, you do have a large area of gloss black, but i do love the corner windows.

2021 Ford Bronco Sport Price

2021 Ford Bronco Sport Price

The corner windows have a great shape to. It really has some land rover-esque styling. Honestly, you got to see this in person if you haven’t. Yet when you get to the tail on the business, you do have that remote control car that rc radio control car antenna, which i despise. So i am zonking that, but you do still have the ability to have your lift up glass and your lift up hatch area. Of course, the 2021 Ford Bronco Sport badge and gloss black. We drop down and then, of course, to finish it all off.


Everything else is going to be flat black. The armrest is as small as a toothpick, but it is soft which is good and then that door pocket. You can literally put a big gulp in there and probably two egg rolls from 7-eleven easily in that in that door pocket. But it does have enough space for a big gulp, so that’s, good news. When we get to the dash look at the ac vents. Do you see the design it’s a b? Just like the tail lights, i don’t know. If you noticed tail lights is also a b.

2021 Ford Bronco Sport Interior

2021 Ford Bronco Sport Interior

The reason why it’s, a b, is because 2021 Ford Bronco Sport starts with a b, so there you go little spelling lesson for you that neoprene material soft, easy to clean everybody gets the eight inch infotainment system it’s that sync 3 system Apple carplay, android, auto.

Of course it is a touch screen which is nice. You don’t have navigation, but you do have the apple carplay on the android auto, which is which is wonderful flat. Black twinkie tray. We’ve already maxed. It out you can fit four twinkies across the flat silver is tasteful. You don’t have to worry about fingerprints. I mean look at this. It’s like i’m playing a piano, but you don’t have to worry about fingerprints.

You do have a key ignition, so this is your bronco sport the base. This is your key fob. It says bronco in case you forgot what car you bought and then you flip it around. You get your lock unlock and then your red horn button there’s, a red horn that comes with the 2021 Ford Bronco Sport.

You hit that it’s, not a switchblade. It’s. Actually the key fire up there you go ac controls, they don’t, get any more simple than this. The only easier ac controls is, if i gave you a piece of paper and told you to fold it and use it as a fan.So you have your blower fan, switch right here and you have your temperature. We got a nice large area down here. You can get some king-size snickers slide them on in there usbc usb and a 12-volt.

Just don’t stick your finger or anything else attached to your body in there flat gray, two cup holders that’s gonna control. Your eight speed automatic it’s that rotary dial. You can make a phone call: hey mom, how you doing, but anyways put it back in the park. Oh, we almost forgot backup camera lori’s. Gon na kill me on this one, because we’re, bouncing all over the place, but backup camera 8-inch. You do have trajectory it’s actually fairly clear. 2021 Ford Bronco Sport Base

2021 Ford Bronco Sport Redesign

2021 Ford Bronco Sport Redesign

I’m impressed with that and it does take up all 8 inches. Also, you’re getting the goat modes, so you’re, going to get those different modes for when you are going on different terrain because remember we do have that 4×4 capability, semi-soft open that bad boy up.

You have a another 12 volt and you easily could drop a box of twinkies in there. We’ve done it here on radius rides, and then you’re gonna, of course, get claw seats. If you’re hoping for the leather seats yeah, you might as well hope in one hand and uh crap in the other and see which one fills up faster.

But you do have the claw seats here. They are really grippy manual, seat controls, which is to be expected, but they are comfy. I mean i feel good in here. I got plenty of head room coming over, though the business end. I have a rubber steering wheel. I want to show you all right guys. We’re behind the wheel of this 2021 Ford Bronco Sport. It’s really fascinating, because, even though it’s sitting on the at the escape chassis, it does not feel like an escape in here.

It actually feels more spacious and better laid out, but you do have your manual seat controls that are easy to get to and adjust. You got the bronco name on the plate here that allows you to remember. Like i said what vehicle you bought, you do have a rubber steering wheel. The good news is it’s, easy to clean it’s, going gonna, probably last forever, just as long as a twinkie rubber steering wheel and a twinkie.

Will go the same distance? You do have the 2021 Ford Bronco Sport badge here. If you want a leather steering wheel, go higher trim a little bit of silver. Everything else is flat black even on the buttons, and then the dash is as simple and as straightforward as they come. You have an analog attack speedometer, you do have the digital gauge in the center coolant and fuel, and then, when you go through your different modes, see how we have normal. We have sand eco, sport and slippery.

It’s cute, how they put for normal. They don’t just put like a picture of your next door, neighbor or something that’s really normal. They actually put up image of the bronco, because you’re in the broncos sport.

2021 Ford Bronco Sport Cargo Space

2021 Ford Bronco Sport Cargo Space

That means you’re cool. You’re part of the club, but while we go ahead, let’s, get to the back seat and see if your passengers are going to feel just as cool as you sitting up front all right guys, backseat time – and this is Where that safari roof really comes into play, because you have so much space back here, it’s, ridiculous, being six feet tall.

I feel almost smaller sitting back here, just because of how much room there is now cloth all the way around they hollow out the back. To give you even more leg room you don’t, have any rear ac, but look at this even on the base.

They give you a usbc and a usb. The only thing is that if you bring your abacus with you, you’re, going to have to probably hold it in between your legs. There’s, no pocket for your abacus. Just please! If there’s going to be any type of accident, god forbid take it out from in between your legs or you may not be able to have children or walk for a very long time.

No arm rests, but we are in a base. But you know what the seats do: 60 40 split, which is nice, and you do have some nice led lighting. Why don’t we check out that cargo area and see what we could put in the 2021 Ford Bronco Sport all right guys.

What i love about all the different broncos sports is that they give you that same flexibility with opening up just the rear glass or the rear hatch. Before i open anything there’s, that b shaped tail light.

I was telling you about. I wasn’t, pulling your leg now to open up the glass real, simple hit. The button lift the glass up. This is great. If you just got ta quickly get to something in the back and you don’t want to lift up the whole back or you don’t want anything to fall out when you open up the rear, hatch and then to open Up the rear, hatch it’s, simple, just use a little muscle, it hydraulically goes up even on the base trim.


I know this is a base, get it over to the passenger side. Why is it right here, almost in the middle, what you’re gonna have to do, is get your magnifying glass out or bring your phone or screen closer to your face, because guess what there is an engine underneath, the hood.

2021 Ford Bronco Sport Specification

2021 Ford Bronco Sport Specification

I promise you not just a hamster and a wheel what you’re. Looking at you, do have that nerf style engine cover ecoboost power, so we have turbocharged power. You can hear some sirens going off because there’s a big sail here at walker ford, it’s; literally a fire sale. They’re burning, some things out in the back, but you’re. Looking at a 1.5 liter, three cylinder inline three turbocharged engine 181 horsepower 190 pound-feet of torque.

How Fuel-efficient Will The New 2021 Ford Bronco Sport Be?

It is mated to an eight-speed automatic, so no cvts, at least they got that right. 0-60. In about 7.8 seconds, top speed 125 miles an hour mpgs you’re. Looking at 25 in the city 28 on the highway and remember, like i said, 4×4 capability – you do have the option though you don’t have to go this route.

You can get a 2-liter ecoboost motor with a lot more power, but obviously you got to go higher up the trim here on radius rise. We like to bring all the different trims and that’s. Why we’re doing this one.

How much the 2021 Ford Bronco Sport Price?

You’re like if this is a base. There better be some good savings. How much is it msrp for the way that this 2021 Ford Bronco Sport is optioned is right around $28.125.