2021 Ford Expedition Max Platinum – BIG Space, BIG Luxury & BIG Price

2021 Ford Expedition Max Platinum –  So the big suv segment has really been heating up since the introduction of the new gm suvs late last year, in order to keep up with the evolving segment. Ford has updated their expedition every year since it came out and 2021 is no exception.

2021 Ford Expedition Max Platinum Change

2021 Ford Expedition Max Platinum Change

What You Have to Get From 2021 Ford Expedition Max Platinum

They are adding more standard equipment and a new stx trim level in addition to the fully loaded model like what we have here. With that all being said, let’s, go ahead and see if this 2021 Ford Expedition Max Platinum still has what it takes to take on the newest rivals.


So right from the top here, i do want to quickly mention that new stx model that has joined the lineup, that’s, going to be based on the xl trim level, which is actually a fleet only option. So your new stx is in effect the base trim level, and that comes with all these sporty styling elements like you like what you see in the ranger stx, as well as the f-150 stx, now bringing the focus back here to this platinum model.

This is on the totally other end of the spectrum. This is going to, of course, come with an exclusive platinum grille, where you have the silver lining in here. The other models have the more plain bars that go through it now moving over here to our headlights.

Of course, this will have the upscale headlights with the top-end trim levels. So this is a full led setup, including the bracket-shaped led data and running light. You have the turn signal which is integrated inside of the grille and in addition to that down here at the bottom, if you have the led headlights, you will also have led fog lamps now checking out the wheels next.

You do have some new designs for 2021. Between all the trim levels and the special editions you’ve got a lot of different choices on that, so you’re, going to start with 18-inch alloys. You can move to 20s as you go up the trim levels and then, when you get to the top model, that’s, going to give you these 22-inch alloys for the platinum and the king ranch.

Now, moving on up here to our mirrors, you’re, going to have standard heating as well as standard blind spot monitoring. And then, when you choose the limited trim level that’s, going to throw in power folding and auto dimming abilities.

2021 Ford Expedition Max Platinum Performance

2021 Ford Expedition Max Platinum Performance

Now, if you need a lot of space, the 2021 Ford Expedition Max Platinum has you covered, and you can see that nowhere else better than here at the side i mean look, how long it is it’s incredibly long, so the standard wheelbase model is going to come In at 210 inches in length, if you go for the max like what we have here, that adds 12 inches to it, so 222 inches better make sure this fits in your garage before you buy it now.

As far as the rear design, though, let’s. Talk about that. I really am a huge fan of the way this expedition looks. I still think this may look better than the suburban i don’t know it’s going to be controversial, but i think it has a very handsome and nice look, especially in the platinum configuration like what we have here.

So breaking down the elements, we have this piece that wraps around the design rear design. We also have this 2021 Ford Expedition Max Platinum branding that’s kind of embossed in and then looking at the tail lights. These are going to be mostly led.

The accenting, as well as the actual brake light and turn signal or led. However, the reverse light is still incandescent. Then, if we drop down here, we do have this nice silver accent. We’re, not going to have exposed exhaust on any of the models and the towing ranges anywhere from 6 600 pounds to a little over 9 000.

If you go for the max trailering package now as far as your safety systems, ford is throwing in a good majority of them standard, so their co-pilot 360 package is going to include lane keeping assist forward emergency, braking of pedestrian detection, as well as auto, hiding headlamps That said, you do have to go for the copilot 360 plus package.


It really helps us out and gives us more opportunities to provide you with better content. So every version of the 2021 Ford Expedition Max Platinum will come standard with ford’s. Smart entry system and most of the trim levels will also come standard with this remote start system.

Now, of course, to get inside the truck itself just reach behind the handle and it will unlock you will see your mirrors, they electrically fold out and you also have power running boards will be limited and, above all, right let’s take a look inside of this cabin as you can see, it does continue that very premium and upscale design that especially the platinum trim. Expedition has always had now talking about your different color and material options.

You are going to have cloth on your base. Xlt model um, but all the rest of the trim levels are going to come standard with real leather. Each of the models are going to have different stitching designs, though, like on this platinum, where we have the special quilting along the side and then, as far as your color options for the platinum trim level, that’s, going to be ebony or ceramic.

Now, turning over here to your door trim, you’re, going to see a very nice contrast design. So we have the light colored leather on the armrest and then the dark colored leather, above that, with a very detailed stitching design added last year to the platinum trim, are the upper door, trims and full leather, so that’s really nice looking and, of course, you’ll, find three person memory, seating on the limited and above now driving down here to your seats.

These are going to be 10 way, power, adjusting with 4-way lumbar support and with the platinum grade you’re, also going to have massaging and then, like w was saying we do have a premium real leather, seating, um, really nice stitching design once again, and you do have your platinum branding up there as well, now to hop inside. You have very large power deploying running boards, like i said so.

2021 Ford Expedition Max Platinum Interior

2021 Ford Expedition Max Platinum Interior

It’s, absolutely no problem whatsoever. Now, of course, like i was already saying, this does have a very nice cabin, especially with the platinum trim level, so across our entire upper dash. This is all going to be finished in a full leather material, with the color contrast stitching, as you can see very nice and smooth, you have a leather wrap below that and as we move down to our lower areas again, you will find more leather down here.

Where your needle rests against, as well as on the platinum and the king ranch trim levels, a genuine wood trim, obviously everything is going to fit together very well as well now to start up the 2021 Ford Expedition Max Platinum put your front on the brake and press the button.

So, as you probably know, many aspects of the design are shared with the now last generation f-150 and one of those things is going to be this gauge cluster. So, as you can see, you ‘ Ve got your analog gauges on both sides and then in the middle you have the large 8-inch multi-function display in the middle.

This does contain really a ton of different information, including things with your trailering, your safety systems, of course, and even some stuff regarding off-roading. If you choose to do that now, we’ll point out.

There is not a head-up display available on any version of the 2021 Ford Expedition Max Platinum , which is something that the tahoe does offer now coming back here to the steering wheel, we have electric power, assisted, steering a really nice leather, wrapped wheel and with the platinum you have the exclusive Silver accenting, as far as the wheel itself, it is going to be a power tilt and telescoping as well as heat it heated on the limited and above and to throw in.

Additionally, you have power adjusting pedals right there, all right, but let’s. Go ahead and get into interior storage, because that of course is tremendously important for a large vehicle such as this, so open up our center console here, you’ll, see just a massive amount of space.

2021 Ford Expedition Max Platinum Transmission

2021 Ford Expedition Max Platinum Transmission

I mean there’s. No other way to describe it. It’s, just absolutely massive uh. You can get our biggest stack of coupons, put it in there and it’s. Just like a little crumb down at the bottom. I mean you could fit just about anything you can imagine inside of this storage area now.

Furthermore, there you have your cup holders underneath this storage. You can slide back this storage. This is going to be a great place for your cell phone uh limited and above will have a wireless phone charging pad right there, like you see, and you also have usbc and usb type a connections and then even off to the side.

There you have, got some storage along there and a lot of storage over in the door trims, so you’re, certainly not going to run out of storage inside of this 2021 Ford Expedition Max Platinum now over here on this side, this is where you’ll, find ford’s.

Electronic shifter, you’re. Obviously, just going to twist 2d for drive, you can take manual control by sticking clicking the m and then using these little toggles. But there are not any paddle shifters on the steering wheel and then going into reverse you’ll, see on this particular model.

We have the 360 degree camera system. This is included on king ranch and platinum optional on the limited trim, and that gives you your traditional view right there on the left hand, side with active trajectory. You have your 360 view. Obviously, you have the full parking sensors you can zoom in and out for lining up a trailer and additionally, you do have automatic, parallel and perpendicular parking abilities off to the other side of the steering wheel.

Is your electronic parking brake and then this is your drive mode controller? If you choose the heavy duty, towing package, that’s, also going to throw in for its trailer backup assist as well as the trailer brake controller. Now over here we have our three zone automatic climate control. This is going to be included across every version of the 2021 Ford Expedition Max Platinum and, of course it’s. Super simple to use. You just have these two knobs to adjust your temperature.

2021 Ford Expedition Max Platinum Redesign

2021 Ford Expedition Max Platinum Redesign

They’re, going to be the wired variety, the new sync 4 system that does support wireless and right now we’re, anticipating that they will probably be a refresh of this expedition, which should include a larger display and the sync 4 system starting next year, but until then this is what we have now moving beyond that you’ll notice, another storage area up here at the top.

We also have, of course, an auto dimming mirror with your universal remotes, located right there. If you press that button right there, you’re, going to see the panoramic sunroof start to open up. This is going to be included on king ranch and platinum.

Trims and it’s available as an option on xlt and limited alrighty. So we’re in the 2021 Ford Expedition Max Platinum, rear seat, and you probably already know this is going to be a very, very nice place to spend time. Obviously, given the price of this vehicle, and also just how nice it is in general, but let’s, talk about the space first, you’re, going to be looking at 43 inches of rear, legroom 40 inches of rear headroom.

Obviously, that’s, a ton of space that’s right on par with that of the new tahoe and suburban, and it is worth noting that the max and the regular wheelbase model have no difference in the legroom figures for the second row area – and i do also want to point out that you can slide these seats forward as well as recline them back and the captain’s. Chairs are a standalone option now, as far as the features they’ve thrown in.

2021 Ford Expedition Max Platinum Feature

2021 Ford Expedition Max Platinum Feature

We have cup holders here in the middle and if we drop down here, we have a usb type-c, a smart charging usb off to the right of that. We have a household style outlet and then further below that we have our own climate controls, so you do have your own temperature adjustment.

It is just the three zone setup though, and then dropping down below that we have two stage: heated rear seats, that’s, going to be standing on the top two trims and then, if we go further below that, we have a little storage, cubby And another 12 volt outlet now the 2021 Ford Expedition Max Platinum .

Since you’re going to have 36 cubic feet of space behind the third row seats. Incredible figures 73 cubic feet behind the second row seats and has a maximum of 122 cubic feet. That does put it right on par with that of the all-new suburban.

But this is just a absurd amount of space. If you can’t fit it in here i don’t think you need to have it now as far as how they finished it. We do have a really nice carpeting along the floor. We can lift it up there’s, a little bit of storage up underneath we do have lighting on the right side.

2021 Ford Expedition Max Platinum Cargo Space

2021 Ford Expedition Max Platinum Cargo Space

We have a 12 volt power outlet and then here on the left side, we have the buttons to power fold. Both the third row, as well as the second row, so that’s, a nice feature, and it is also one press, so you can fold them both at the same time now, as far as these passenger seat is concerned, you do have the same Power adjustment and the lumbar support plus massaging.

Then, if we open up the glove box, it’s, going to be a pretty strong suit for this expedition, because we have a decently sized glove box here in the bottom. It doesn’t open up very wide, but it does have quite a large depth to it and it fits in these coupons like nobody’s business and then, if we open up the top part there’s.

2021 Ford Expedition Max Platinum Specification

This is a really big suv, but it can still move because it’s got a really powerful power plant yeah, so especially with the platinum trim, because this has more power. So we have a three and a half liter twin turbo, ecoboost v6 engine on board, with the platinum trim it’s, going to be making 400 horsepower 480 pound-feet of torque.

So really nice numbers it’s, going to be a little less power when you choose any of the lower trevor, 75 and 400 470 on that, so it’s, not like a huge difference but uh. It is nice that they give. You that power boost for going for the top end trim right um.

This is gonna, be a little less, though, than what you get on the top end tahoe, and speaking of that, i that’s, probably the largest difference between this expedition and the tahoe is just gonna be the v6 compared to a v8.

So when you get behind the wheel of that 6.2 in the tahoe, it sounds really phenomenal and really has that growl that i think a lot of buyers want. This is going to be different. It’s, also, probably going to be quieter, though, and you do have that nice, like turbo wine, yeah it’s kind of got a raspy note.

2021 Ford Expedition Max Platinum Specification

2021 Ford Expedition Max Platinum Specification

I think they tried to make it sound as burly as they could. Obviously, like i said it’s, not as burly sounding as a traditional v8, but i wouldn’t say it sounds bad and, like i said it’s, a little bit more subdued and quiet.

This thing is just so torque rich. It really gets up. Now. You probably noticed the transmission there, accelerating up that’s, going to be a 10-speed automatic transmission. We praise this transmission other four products and also, ironically, the competition as well, because they co-developed this between with general motors. So this is tuned differently, but the same mechanical transmission to a tahoe but really good transmission. Like i said, don’t have any complaints about it. Smooth shifting gets you in the right gear.

This has a very, very good ride, as you would expect out of a platinum expedition. I will mention, though, that this just has adaptive dampers on it, whereas the new tahoe can get an air suspension and also has magnetic ride control, even if you don’t spring for the air suspension.

Fuel efficiency

So i do think that this has a little bit more of a stiff ride compared to the air suspension in the top right. It’s like it’s very comfortable, but it also feels like there’s a little bit more of a. I guess, a rebounding bouncing effect. It’s, just a tiny thing to keep in mind all right. As far as the fuel economy is concerned, we’re, looking at 16 21 18 combined for this one, as equipped with the max four-wheel drive um, even though you do get that v6.

2021 Ford Expedition Max Platinum Price

2021 Ford Expedition Max Platinum Price

That fuel economy is not much better than or not any better than the tahoe or suburban and uh. We’ll, go ahead and do the air ball and slam dunk. I’ll start today with the uh slam, dunk, which is going to be just the space in the second and third rows.

How much the 2021 Ford Expedition Max Platinum Price?

The pricing now, of course it would be nice if these awesome awesome trucks were a little bit more affordable, but they’re, pretty pricey. So for this 2021 Ford Expedition Max Platinum, it’s, going to be $54.810 bucks.

If you go for the very base xl stx this year, it’s, going to start a little bit under 50 grand and then, of course, if you go all the way up to the platinum like what we have here, it’s going to be $75.765 starting, but once you go ahead and add four wheel drive as well as the destination charge and a few other options.