What are the MAJOR changes for the 2021 Ford Mustang GT?

2021 Ford Mustang GT – Talk about what’s going on here, so this looks like it’s, set to be the last year of the current generation, exciting to think about what’s to come. For america’s pony car, but let’s. Talk about what’s going on for 2021.

2021 Ford Mustang GT Release Date

2021 Ford Mustang GT Release Date

There are some changes. Some few updates very subtle, but we’re here to bring it all to you, but i also want to discuss. Should you be getting a 2021? Is this the way to go, or should you hold out for that 2022 and remember? It goes back to 1964 and a half they unveiled it at the world’s fair and since then, it really has been america’s, sweetheart of a muscle car, because people buy them each and every year and are able to create Their own unique mustang stories and what i love about mustangs, is that even if you didn’t buy one and you didn’t own one.

What You Have to Get From 2021 Ford Mustang GT

Everybody still has a mustang story which is kind of cool, but for 2021, like i said, couple changes we’re, going to dive into them and, like i said what i want to find out, should we go 2021 or do you want to hold Out for the redesign, let’s, go ahead and find out right off the bat we’re, going to talk about a new color on camera right now it may look black but as lori kind of zooms in to this area.


Right here and showcases the color, this is a new color for 2021. It’s called anti-matter blue with the florida sun. It sparkles like a blue diamond, absolutely stunning of a color. When we start at the front of the business you’re gonna find, obviously for 2021 Ford Mustang GT, you’re still getting that tri-bar led setup for the daytime running lamps.

It’s, going to be interesting to see where they take this direction. I know that they’re, going to be having to do something, but there are some things on the front of this particular mustang gt. I hope that they kind of keep and, as we come across the center grill, these are some of the things i i want to see kept there.

I want to see some extra grill design. I do like the bars that they put one on each side. It’s, going to be interesting to see if they keep those. I think it would be smart to do so. I also am digging still to this day the honeycomb finish, and what’s great, is that it has a stunning look and it’s fully functional and then, to be honest with you, it makes me want to go.

Get a big old box of honeycomb cereal and a gallon of milk and just gobble it down. You got your chrome pony, of course, proud to see that, and i’m very curious to see, especially on the steering wheel horn button.

If they’re going to change the style of the chrome pony, i really prefer this classic look, rather than that little 21st century flare that they did. The other big thing is that, of course, you’re gonna have the front splitter, and what’s great about the mustang gt is even if you don’t get a performance pack level one.

They still give you a nice aggressive splitter. It looks good and i’m sure that’s, another design element that will trickle onto the 2022 as we go up onto the hood. You could clearly see all that anti-matter blue, just spilled everywhere: heat extractors digging the style still on this 2021 Ford Mustang GT, but i’m very curious to see what they’re, going to bring, i hope and pray that they don’t just eliminate them. 2021 Ford Mustang GT

I think that the car needs to have heat extractors, not only from a look standpoint, but also from a functionality standpoint as we come around the bend. Mustangs are so unique because guess what there are no two mustangs that are the same. This mustang gt has these optional hand polished, 19-inch wheels. I actually have been to detroit and seeing the hand polishing going on split spoke design. You know what it’s working great with our anti-matter blue, even though it looks like black at certain angles.

It really pops well, and i think that’s, a direction that maybe some people are changing their minds about black wheels in general on the mustang lineup, there’s, a plethora of different examples of wheels that you could choose.

But i really really love that style. 19-Inch. You got the 5-0 badge. We’re, going to continue with that 5-liter v8, but remember there will be a time where this engine will eventually disappear and we’ll, be driving around in full ev mustangs, which i don’t even know.

If i could call it a mustang, but if you want that 5-0 they still got the power for 2021 Ford Mustang GT and they’re, going to still be bringing it for 2022.. The side silhouette of the car. I think the proportions are still spot on the money to blend it, to make it look like a classic late. 60S mustang – and i’m very curious to see where they’re, going to take that overall direction and feel one thing. Of course, we’re going to have to do is zonk something because there’s, something just not right to me that shark fin antenna it’s.

On my shelby gt350, i zonk it on my car. I’m zonking it again. I wish they would have stayed with the hockey puck style antenna up top. I know why they did. It is because of the new sync system, but it’s, just a little too tall for my taste, but the rest of it.

The fast back design, the nice flared fender the way the side sill extends down. Still some great styling like i said, though it will be interesting to see where they take it. Another great place to kind of separate your mustang from everybody else’s is the trunk. You have this nice trunk lid, spoiler, optional, spoiler, covered in that anti-matter blue. I hope that they bring some new styles and a variety of them, because i think that’s, just a great way to separate your mustang from every other horse in the corral or the stable.

The of course are going to have the tri-bar brake lights, that’s, going to be something that definitely is going to be on the 2022 exhausts and rear diffuser. This was something that remember in 2015, when they came out with this chassis.

The rear diffuser was a little bit of a debating topic and it was kind of a little too simplistic. I like what they did with the diffuser with the quad tip exhaust, and it sounds oh so good, especially this one.


Seats are great. I got plenty of head room, steering wheel, love the leather love the thickness. I hope they do something with the with the mustang horse. There just change it back to the classic style, i think, would be so much cleaner.

2021 Ford Mustang GT Interior

2021 Ford Mustang GT Interior

You do have your pony button on the steering wheel that allows you to get into features like opening up that exhaust and letting her sing and then probably something you’re. Going to see a continuation of is going to be that digital dash 12 inch display.

I love the way when you go through the different modes, how it physically changes on the screen. There really clean, graphics, wonderful style, you got line lock. You got all the features that you need to get the business done, no matter if you’re at the drag strip or if you are going down your favorite twisty road, even if it’s snowy or wet, and i think that’s, one of the greatest things about the dash is that digital display, other than that.

I’m curious how they’re, going to reconfigure things, but you know what we’ve already seen the trunk. We know what goes in there. We’ve, seen the back seats and a six foot tall person is really squished back there.

Why don’t we get to the best part. If you’re ready, i’m ready, let’s, go for some on throttle, spins all right guys. We’re in the 2021 anti-matter 2021 Ford Mustang GT. Let’s, see if it still has it here. We go yeah, love that sound and that’s.

The thing you know i get it these automatics, especially the 10 speed in this mustang gt, will out shift even mario andretti and it really showcases what that five liter, even in standard form, can do curious to see what 2022 will bring.

But, like i said, you need to evaluate what you have in front of you and if you’ve been waiting for a 2021 Ford Mustang GT or maybe you have an older one and you want to get a newer one. I really think there’s no better time than now, because you still are getting a hell of a package and a fun driving vehicle with tons of technology.

If that’s, what you want, if you want the technology, they got it in the 2021, including the optional adapter cruise control. I think, if i was going to do it, you could go mach 1. new just for 2021. Who knows what’s, gonna happen for 2022 or into 2023, and you have something even more unique but same great driving characteristics.


What we want to see, but when it comes to power, you’re, looking at 460 horsepower still 420 pound-feet of torque, and you still get your two transmission choices: 10-speed auto six-speed manual, 0-60 and four seconds flat with the 10-speed auto top speed 157 Miles an hour and the car weighs around 3 700 pounds still has that great sound, though speaking of sound.

Garrett hood definitely want to give him a shout out. He is a member of the radius rides patreon club. So thank you, garrett, for leaving those in here coming to the infotainment side of things. Now it’s, going to be interesting to see what 2022 brings will we have that beautiful large display from the ford f-150, either 10-inch or 12-inch? What you’re working with is eight inches and there was once upon a time where eight inches was enough, but now people want more, but you do have your navigation apple, carplay, android, auto all those different features.

So those are some things that are new for 2021, including the mach 1.. The mach 1 is all new, but i like the toggle switches that p51 style. I wonder what they’re, going to do with these. For 2022., you got a little twinkie tray here usb this is that 10 speed automatic.  I like the way they carry the blue stitching here’s. My zonk, though, why isn’t this blue? That’s, stitching right there. It’s black. Why not have it all the same color just would make sense to me same thing here on the good old-fashioned, e-brake, and that will this be.

Is this the demise of the e-brake? As we know it will there be an electric e-brake on the next 2021 Ford Mustang GT. Of course you got nice soft touch material on the armrest and then the seats, the leather they’re very, very comfortable. They got some nice bolstering and i love the blue stitching, especially on our anti-matter blue example. That we have. The one problem is, is that you have electric on the bottom, but it’s manual seat backs, which i don’t.

I don’t get that, but we’ll, see what 2022 brings coming over the business end, though i want to show you behind the wheel another time on this 2021 mustang gt all right guys, one of the great things about The business and the things is you’re, getting a very nice setup in 2021, just like you have for the past few years.

2021 Ford Mustang GT Specification

2021 Ford Mustang GT Specification

I would go ahead and spring the extra dough and get the magnetic ride suspension. Well, to be honest with you, what i would do if it was my money, i would go performance pack level, one. I think, for all around performance looks driving capability driving, feel that really is the biggest bang for the buck, especially if you want a 10-speed automatic.

I would actually go that over mach 1. I think you’re, not going to feel i’m telling you right now you’re, not going to really feel the extra 20 horsepower you’re. You’re, not uh, it’s, got the same amount of torque as the standard, mustang gt um, and you can save yourself some money and i still think of performance pack level.

One unique wing unique wheels. It’s, got the six piston brembos, so i don’t know. I think that would be really the best bang for your buck. All right guys still on this mustang gt doing a slow roll.  We go drops down and you are off really really smooth. You got that naturally aspirated power, you could i don’t know if you could hear it probably over my big mouth talking, but you can actually feel the downshifts as the transmission as you’re slowing down and it’s downshifting, it really does a great job, knowing exactly what gear it should be in.

Of course, you got the paddles you can shift manually if you want to with uh the steering wheel paddles, but i think for an overall performer. This 2021 Ford Mustang GT, like i said it, has some new touches for 2021, but it’s.

Definitely still bringing the game still doing the business when it comes to overall acceleration that’s for sure, and it’s. Just so easy to drive and it’s got a great sound that’s. Another thing when they switched to the quad tip exhaust, especially this active exhaust, it’s, got such a better sound than that 2015 mustang gt.

I can’t wait to get our hands on that one, but should you buy one of these 2021s? I’m. A firm believer buy what you could actually physically see. If you are waiting for this next redesign, we don’t know what it’s going to really be.

You may hate it so from a performance standpoint from a look standpoint and some of those extra touches. This may be the perfect pony for your stable, but if you want to keep seeing 2021 Ford Mustang GT on, ladies rides leave a comment in the comment section.ya