2021 Honda HR-V – Still The Best Or Wait For The New 2022 HR-V?

2021 Honda HR-V – It’s important nowadays for a brand to have a crossover in every size category and now that the honda fit has been discontinued in the us. This honda hrv is the most affordable honda in the lineup for the 2021 model year.

2021 Honda HR-V Release Date

2021 Honda HR-V Release Date

What You Have to Get From 2021 Honda HR-V

Honda is sweetening the deal by upgrading the style and value for what is probably the last hurrah for this generation. But is this still a great sub compact crossover to buy? Let’s, find out.


So to start out with let’s, talk about one change to our trim structure for 2021 Honda HR-V and that’s. The fact that the touring trim level has now been discontinued, so that was added in 2019 and for 2021 it is gone so that makes the top trim now the exl, but we’ll, go ahead and look here at the front design.

First. Of course, this is the same design that you’ve, seen for a while with the hrv, so you have the black grille. You also have the dark chrome finish across the top here and then coming over here to your headlights.

You’re, going to find a halogen headlight, but you do have an led daytime running light that goes down below that and then also down here at the bottom. Most of the trim levels will come with the halogen fog lamps.

Now, in addition to the change in trim structure, honda has also revised your wheels and for the better so for 2021, the previous touring trim levels wheels, which are these 17 inch contrast. Alloys have now fallen down to both the ex and the exl trim level.

Additionally, uh, you now have a new 18 inch, full gloss black alloy on the sport trim level, and then the lx will continue to have its 17 inch wheel now coming up here at two hour mirrors. If you choose the ex trim level or buff.

That’s, going to throw in the led turn signal indicator as well as heating blind spot monitoring is not available at all on the 2021 Honda HR-V and that’s because you do have the Blind spot camera system right here and that’s, going to be included on the ex trim level and, above all, right.

2021 Honda HR-V Change

2021 Honda HR-V Change

So before we get around to the rear design of this hrv. I do want to point out, obviously your rear doors. Don’t have a traditional door handle since it’s up here, and you’re, also going to have these silver roof rails on all, but the lx trim now walking around to the rear itself.

Nothing’s really changed this year, but we still do have that signature, 2021 Honda HR-V design and what it’s going to be marked by is you have this silver piece that goes intersects between the tail lights and these tail lights are going To be partially led, the brake light portion is LED.

However, the turn signal and reverse light are both incandescent. If we drop down you’re also going to notice, we have some black trim and we have a chrome exhaust finisher on all, but the very base, lx model and towing is not recommended for this model.

Now, if you go for the ex trim and above you’re, going to come standard with a lot of different safety gear, so that’s, going to be your adaptive cruise control system, your auto high beam headlamps lane keeping assist as Well, as forward emergency, braking with pedestrian detection, but anyway, guys that sums up the exterior design of this 2021 Honda HR-V.


You will find honda smart entry system on the ex and the exl trim levels and then, of course, to get inside the vehicle itself just grab behind the handle and it will unlock all right and taking a look inside of the cabin.

This being the last model year of the 2021 Honda HR-V , you’re, not going to notice any substantial interior changes, but it does remain a pretty upscale looking place. So let’s. Talk about the different interior, material and color options on pretty much all the trims you’re gonna have the choice between black and gray.

And of course, you’re gonna have cloth seating until you get up to the ex L trunk level now turning over here to your door trim, you will find that you actually have a leather padding across the armrest, even though the seats are cloth on this model.

We have the stitching detail, the rest of the door trim is pretty much finished And a cloth which i actually like the look of this and as far as your windows is going to be one touch auto up and down for the driver only heading down here to your seats.

These are six way manual adjusting. This goes for every single trim level and, like i was mentioning this does have a claw seat. It’s very comfortable and soft seat, and i, like the interior texture here now, like i was saying, despite this being an older model, actually the 2021 Honda HR-V cabin materials in here are pretty nice.

So being a subcompact, i’m, not surprised that The upper dash is going to be hard touch, however, when we move down here to the middle panel, this is actually all going to be finished in a leatherette material.

2021 Honda HR-V Interior

2021 Honda HR-V Interior

With a stitching detail and as we move down to the center console surprisingly, this is also going To be finished in the same leatherette with the stitching detail and uh, you do have some chrome accents throughout with everything fitting together extremely well in that typical honda fashion.

Now, on the ex and above i should finally break and press the chrome accented button to start. So i know there’s kind of a reflection on there, but uh as far as the gauges uh. What we have here with this ex and above is your premium gauge setup, so you have the analog speedometer in the middle.

You also have a display on the side for your tachometer and another display over here for your traditional multi-function information, and i do want to point out, as we pull back. The ex and above does also include the lane watch camera.

So when you signal to the right side, it’s, going to give you that live camera feed. You know kind of to check your blind spot now, going back to the steering wheel. Of course, we have electric power assisted steering.

You will notice on this specific example. We actually have the urethane steering wheel, that’s, because the leather-wrapped steering wheel is reserved for exl and the sport trims. Only as far as the wheel itself, it is going to be manual tilt and telescoping.

All right now, 2021 Honda HR-V is always really excellent. When it comes to interior storage, i expect the hiv to be no different, so let’s, go ahead and check it out, so we’re, going to start out underneath our center console here.

If i can get it open now, this being a subcompact, you can’t expect too much and you’re, not going to find much, but it’s. Actually, very small uh has a little rubber lining in it as well. Now, up in front of that, though, you do have a more substantial amount of space.

This is or doubles as your cup holders. So what you can do is press this button right here and it’s, going to raise up a section to bring this up a little higher. But furthermore, what you don’t usually find in a subcompact crossover.

Is the fact that we have a full center pass-through, so this is an excellent place where you can stick quite a bit of stuff. You also have some connections as well and don’t. Think i forgot about the coupons.

You can stick them in here. This is gonna, be the best place to fit them. Besides for the glove box, of course, though, it’s, not gonna be covered up. So if you’re, a little embarrassed by that, then that won’t be the ideal solution.

2021 Honda HR-V Electric Feature

2021 Honda HR-V Electric Feature

Now, despite having the center pass there, we actually still have a traditional shifter. This is really a nice looking shifter with the piano black and the chrome trim. Of course you can pull back for drive, you do have an s sport mode and we have piano black paddle shifters on the steering wheel as well heading into reverse.

We have these back up camera, it does have a trajectory on all, but the very base model, as well as the three different views you can choose between and then right behind the shifter. You have your electronic parking brake and your brake hold function.

Now one of the areas that looks surprisingly upscale inside this cabin are the climate controls. So if you choose all but the base, two trim levels: that’s, going to include this single zone automatic setup with the touch sensitive controls.

So it does have this really sleek. Look as you can see, the controls are actually very responsive and you do have your physical ones down or uh ones, for your zones and stuff like that located right there on the ex and above that is also going to throw in these two stage heated seats As well and then the next thing we’ll move up to is our audio system, so all, but the base model is going to throw in a 180 watt six speaker sound system.

Of course, this is not the newest version of the 2021 Honda HR-V link system. This is a older style. What you’re looking at is a seven inch display, and this comes in all, but the lx trim level. If you choose this larger display, that is also going to throw in your smartphone connection, which gives you access to android, auto or apple car.

Playabilities moving up, we have a manual dimming mirror and then up at the very top, we actually have a moon roof included, which is pretty nice touch on this ex trim level and above alrighty guys. So i’m in the hrv’s, rear seat and the first thing that you’re, going to notice when you sit back here is just how spacious it is.

We’re, going to have 38 inches of your leg, room 39 inches of your headroom, which does place it quite a bit above the toyota chr and the mazda cx-3. So this is really a very spacious offering for the segment, as as you can see, behind your seating position, i have, i would say, five or six inches of rear legroom.

My feet can easily slide up underneath the seat, so lots and lots of space. You can definitely fit three adults comfortably back here now. I also want to point out that these seats do have that magic ability that the honda fit also throws in.

2021 Honda HR-V Redesign

2021 Honda HR-V Redesign

So you’re, going to have a lot of different configurations 2021 Honda HR-V to maximize your comfort as well as your space and usability of this rear area. And then, as far as the features are concerned, not going to be a ton of them.

But we do have a 12 volt power outlet right here in the center. We also have i don’t know if that’s, a cup holder or not it’s, not exactly a circle, but maybe you could fit a cup in there and then we’re, also going to Be missing out on that center armrest.

Now, as you would expect, you’re, not going to have a power tailgate, but just push the button and lift up, and once inside you’re, going to find 24 cubic feet of space. That expands all the way up to 59 cubic feet.

You probably don’t even need me to tell you that’s, a lot of space that is significantly larger than its main competition, like the toyota chr mazda cx-3, the ford echo sport quite large back here. So, as far as how they finished it, though, we lift up the carpeted floor here we do have pretty nice carpeting and then up underneath of this, we do have a spare tire and then off to the side.

We have some lighting and we can also fold the seat. 60. 40 split now over here, your passenger seat. This is also going to be manually adjusting and if we open up the glove box, 2021 Honda HR-V always kills it when it comes to storage – and this is no different, so our coupons are literally swallowed up by this glovebox.


All right – and there is our first acceleration with this hrv. Now we were going up a hill, so power. Is it’s, pretty good for this category um? Obviously, nothing in this cat class is like super powerful or anything like that, but as far as what the power making is 141 horsepower, 127 pound-feet of torque yeah definitely not going to knock your socks off.

But this vehicle is a very urban focused car, so sitting In traffic i mean it takes off kind of spunky and then then it gets slower as you go, but i think during city driving it’s, not gonna be too bad. It does actually really take off nicely nice surge of power, so when you’re just driving modestly, it feels kind of spunky part of that to do with the tuning of the continuously variable transmission that we have on board.

2021 Honda HR-V Specification

2021 Honda HR-V Specification

It’s. Nice and responsive to your commands also, when you’re accelerating hard, it does have a shift simulation as well, which i like to see and, as i mentioned earlier, you do have paddle shifters on board.

If you want to kind of play with that shift simulation a little bit yeah and while we’re up to speed here, i do want to talk about the ride quality since you’re, probably curious about that. This is 2021 Honda HR-V, cheapest crossover, so you know have they done a good job with it? And i i’d, say it’s, pretty good um.

We’ll head over a bridge in just a second, but it’s from just a seat. It feels like they’ve tuned it to be very comfort oriented. This is not quite as nice as something like a honda crv, but it certainly isn’t bad by any means.

Yeah yeah it handled it really. It feels like a bigger vehicle than it is yeah, and i will uh get a sound level reading. As well, we’re, looking looking at 59.8 um, so that’s, pretty much what i would expect out of something in this segment um that’s, not super quiet, but it also is really not bad for this.

Now. Will this be rectified with the next generation? Probably, but as far as like, if you’re looking to buy one now just know that it is going to be more bland than a lot of the competition and let’s, go ahead and talk about the fuel economy.

2021 Honda HR-V Price

2021 Honda HR-V Price

So if you go with the front wheel, drive option like what we have here. It’s, going to be rated at 28, 34 30 combined um. And if you go for all-wheel drive that drops down to 28 miles a gallon combined or 29, depending on which trim level you go for um, so that’s, pretty good fuel economy right and we do have you know both front-wheel drive and all-wheel Drive that’s, not a given in this class of vehicle.

How much the 2021 Honda HR-V Price?

A lot of the rivals still are just front-wheel drive only so having the extra option of all-wheel drive is certainly a benefit depending on where your climate is all righty and as far as the pricing is concerned, we’ll, go ahead and read off The front drive prices, so the 2021 Honda HR-V is going to be $21.020, sport, $22.970, ex $24.220, exl $25.820.