2021 Kia Stinger GT AWD The Performance Sedan To Buy Now Or Wait?

2021 Kia Stinger GT – This particular one is all-wheel drive, but before we get into this twin-turbocharged luxury performance sedan, let’s talk about what’s going on here. This brand that started in the early 1990s here in the united states selling cars, has really been the rocky story of the auto industry, going from just two models: the kia sofia and the kia sportage to now having a lineup that is absolutely dynamite.

2021 Kia Stinger GT Change

2021 Kia Stinger GT Change

What You Have to Get From 2021 Kia Stinger GT

I see back there um as kia is bringing out new models to tell you ride the cell. Toes they’re, showing that hey they could bring style, they could definitely bring performance and they could bring it out of value that separates it from the rest of the pack.

Now 2022 is going to be a big year for the stinger, because guess what it’s receiving its first refresh since that introduction. But what i want to talk about. We have this 2021 here and its looking drop dead sexy in that beautiful color, is this the performance sedan to buy before that new one comes out, and is it the one to get instead of the sister brand that genesis g70 or maybe even going audi a5? Those are the big comparisons that we’re looking at.


If this is the one, you should be parking in your garage right off the bat like. I said this color just lights up so perfect in the florida sun. When we start at the front of the business you’re still getting fresh styling and that’s.

What i’ve liked about the 2021 Kia Stinger GT it’s aged very well one of the things you always have to ask yourself, especially if you’re, going to hold on to a car for a while. What’s? It going to look like five years from now? Is it still gonna look fresh, and even though it hasn’t been five years? This is still looking real fresh, so i love the way they did the headlight design.

You have that beautiful setup with the flat black to the interior, led with the daytime running lamps and, of course, the turn signals, and i really like the way they did that scattered effect to it. As you work your way down, i think one of my favorite parts of the front of the business is the air intake here.

2021 Kia Stinger GT Redesign

2021 Kia Stinger GT Redesign

So you’re gonna get this functional side air curtain. I love the massive size of it plus the way they brought a little bit of silver that vertical slot there a little bit of gloss black and look at how they extended the front fascia down something that you would see on a bmw or an audi or Mercedes-Benz product now, when you come across the grill, what are we getting? You’re, getting that tiger nose, shape grille.

That is synonymous now with the brand you have the blacked out. Chrome finish. All the way around the 2021 Kia Stinger GT badge is actually looking tasteful with the black and silver and then, as you work, your way down more functionality and some more of that black chrome.

The only zonk area is going to be in these corners here which they could have opened up and made into brake cooling ducts other than that they did a bang-up job with the front fascia. Now, when you get up onto the hood very european-esque, and that’s, a really really good thing.

When you’re, looking at the hood, you’re gonna have two nice simple rises. I do like these areas with some gloss black and the silver. The one thing i don’t, like which i’m gonna zonk non-functional, so it would have been great if they made them into a functional heat extractor.

Absolutely sexy 19-inch wheel, machined aluminum with the metallic gray. I love the 2021 Kia Stinger GT center cap because it makes it look like a center locking lug nut instead of hiding the lug nuts underneath. So that gives it a great look and then, of course, a name that’s synonymous with breaking performance.

Brembo, you’re, going to get brembo four piston calipers up front with these michelin primacy tor tires which are going to help us get to grip to the ground, and then, of course, you got all-wheel drive on this specific one, which is going to Really give us that nice launch from a dead stop when we go on throttle.

Now, as we go into the fender beautiful color, you have the dark, chrome and a functional side vent with a little bit of flat. Black helps add that character and also that functionality love the way they take the lines and bring it right into the door.

2021 Kia Stinger GT Color

2021 Kia Stinger GT Color

This 2021 Kia Stinger GT looks like it’s moving, even though it’s standing still, and that’s. A good thing that’s, what you want to find in a performance sports sedan like this one, we have the black chrome on the mirror caps, you do have a nice size, not a full panoramic, but it’s.

Definitely not just a standard sunroof, my only gripe, or i should say my only zonk – they should have just blacked out the rest of the roof. This whole thing with making this all black and this knot it just doesn’t, look complete.

So a nice blacked out roof will look great with a blacked out shark fin antenna, but i love the side. Sill extension looking great the way it kind of flares out at the bottom and then even the belt line nice high belt line.

You have that sexy low sloping roof remember this is a technically a sport back, so this actually is going to lift up like a hatchback and give you tons of space, but it gives you also a sexy. Look to it when we look at the rear tires.

Like i said, you’re, getting the same size, all four corners, so 255 on the width, 35 series sidewall and 2021 Kia Stinger GT, getting brembo calipers out back as well to give you that braking capability and it’s a sexy looking wheel – and this is still like – i said – 2018 – so we’re looking at three years later, still looking just as sexy come towards the rear, i love the way they take. The black chrome extended into the rear quarter panel.

One thing that doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb because of our particular color. Is that reflector? I’m gonna zonk it still because if this was any other color, it’s just way too long. I don’t know why they did that. I wish they would have just made it a little smaller. I know it’s d.o.t required, but the good news is when you finish off in the tail in the business you’re, going to leave with a big smile on your face.

2021 Kia Stinger GT Safety Feature

2021 Kia Stinger GT Safety Feature

Look at how that rear, hatch kind of just pivots up just a little bit to give you some down force, you’re, going to have the beautiful, led, tail lights and the way they flow nicely all the way across another smart move, getting rid Of the kia badge putting that 2021 Kia Stinger GT script really looks very european and i’m, loving it plus it’s, a cool name.


Look at that brushed aluminum. The speaker covers the contrast stitching it all. Just blends together very nicely: the armrest even is actually fairly soft. Considering 2021 Kia Stinger GT very thin material door. Pocket is super tight, so maybe a donut or two, maybe two donuts from dunkin donuts don’t get powdered because that’s.

Gon na make a mess or jelly. You’re gonna squirt jelly and jam all over the place. You do have enough room for a bottle of chocolate, milk, which is great now when you get to the dash soft touch material.

You have that eight inch infotainment system. It is a touch screen. You do have apple, carplay, android, auto, real, easy to use, swipe features and all that good stuff. So that’s great as well. You can get your climate control backup. Camera takes up almost the whole screen.

2021 Kia Stinger GT Limited

2021 Kia Stinger GT Limited

You do have trajectory, which is nice, put it back in the park, love the aeronautical style, ac, vents, very mercedes benz. You got your start, stop button. The way they bring the silver into the controls here looks great. You do have dual climate, which is nice flat. Black, no glare there silver and a door, so we open up this door.

You’re gonna get wireless charging usb a 12 volt and an aux jack, so they got you covered there close it up. Look at that! Look how seamless it is a little bit of gloss black two cup holders. I’m, loving the silver trim. This is gonna control that eight-speed automatic transmission. It looks like a throttle right out of an f-16 uh fighting falcon, so that’s, pretty cool there, the bomb detonator i wish they would make more of these ikea.

The 2021 Kia Stinger GT is the only one that has this particular key fob looks like a bomb detonator. I probably right now i just blew something up somewhere. I don’t even know there’s, just something i’m blown up on fire. You have your drive mode, selector knob! You do have heated and ventilated seats, which are great.

You have your little tiny cubby here with your snacks semi hard on the armrest, but you know what looks great you lift it up. You got a going away party tray for somebody.  In there i know some people have been requesting me mentioning that snack and i love peanut butter cups. I promise you that you could get about 12 packages in there close it up seats. You got the gt logo up top all that beautiful leather style material.

The stitch work, the bolstering full power assist for the passenger and the driver, which is wonderful and then, like i pointed out, you got that little oversized sunroof, which makes life a little bit more bright and not so cloudy for you.

2021 Kia Stinger GT Interior

2021 Kia Stinger GT Interior

But why don’t you come over the business end because i got a flat bottom steering wheel with your name on it all right, guys, business time, you do have two memory seat settings. I do like the nice silver that bright silver aluminum finish on the sill panel and then in the foot box.

You have a nice large dead pedal with aluminum on the dead pedal, the brake pedal and the throttle from broom. And then you also have your power seat controls easy to get to lower lumbar feels, oh so good on that lower back and then really here’s, my one of my favorite parts of the interior, the 2021 Kia Stinger GT steering wheel, absolutely drop dead sexy.

I want to like hug it because it’s got a flat bottom, the gt badge that gray crisscross stitching great 10 and two notches. The horn button could use a little extra pizazz, but you know what still looking great flat black on the buttons you got.

Paddles on the back of the steering wheel to go up and down the eight speed, they’re a little on the small side. But you know what i’m sure they’re, bringing bigger things for 2022 and then the dash. I know everybody’s going to say: where’s, my digital display?

2021 Kia Stinger GT Cargo Space

2021 Kia Stinger GT Cargo Space

Well, guess what you have digital in the center analog tack, analog, speedometer, coolant and fuel gauge? You could toggle through some different information, which is nice. But when we get to the big winning point of this 2021 Kia Stinger GT, let’s, get to that cargo area and see what you can squeeze back there all right guys time to get into that hatchback area, real, simple!

What makes this so versatile, especially when you compare it to the genesis g70 now, when you compare it to the audi a5, obviously you could get that in a sport back, but definitely at a higher price point. If you’re wondering what’s, the size in there, you’re looking at 23 cubic feet of space, the seats can fold down, which is wonderful, but it really like i said i think the name of the game with this 2021 Kia Stinger GT is not only the appearance, not only the performance but also the versatility.


What are we looking at underneath 2021 Kia Stinger GT engine cover we’re? Looking at that 3.3 liter twin turbo, v6 365 horsepower 376 pound-feet of torque. It’s, all mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission with the all-wheel drive 0 to 60 in about 4.1 seconds quarter, miles get a blaze by at 12.7 seconds.

2021 Kia Stinger GT Specification

2021 Kia Stinger GT Specification

Top speed is governed at 167 miles an hour mpg’s around 18 in the city 27 on the highway, and you’re. Looking at the car weighing right around 41 hundred pounds – and this is that other part of the equation – that’s, so wonderful is the performance side of things, but why don’t we go ahead.

How much the 2021 Kia Stinger GT Price?

How much is the price on this all-wheel drive? 2021 Kia Stinger GT is $49.000.