NEW 2021 Land Rover Discovery Sport A Luxury Suv Worth The Price?

2021 Land Rover Discovery Sport – Land rover, this iconic british brand has really been doing the business when it comes to definitely off-roading and boy. Oh boy, do they bring a level of luxury that many are trying to catch up to now?

2021 Land Rover Discovery Sport Price

2021 Land Rover Discovery Sport Price

For 2021, there are some refresh and some updates on this discovery Sport. The discovery has been in the lineup for so many years, and it really has proven the test of time to stick around that long to be bringing to you, like, i said that luxury with off-road performance.

What You Have to Get From 2021 Land Rover Discovery Sport

Now we’re, going to go over talk about the new touches, but i want to find out if you’re looking for a luxury suv, something mid-sized like this is the discovery sport still one that you should be putting your money On or maybe there’s, something else that 2021 Land Rover Discovery Sport or even range rover is bringing to the table.


Let’s, go ahead and find out right off the bat. I love this color. It’s called portofino blue, really sparkles so nicely in the florida sun. We start at the front of the business you’re gonna see some familiarity, but you’re also gonna see some changes. All new headlight design led headlights led daytime running lamps and turn signals kind of gives a different twist on that iconic setup.

2021 Land Rover Discovery Sport Change

2021 Land Rover Discovery Sport Change

I’m, so used to seeing the headlights on a discovery looking a particular way, but i like what they’ve done with a little bit of metallic silver and the way it kind of bends and flows into the headlight. Housing really gives it some nice depth and some nice character line. Now, as we work our way down, you are going to get functional, corner, vents and side air curtains, so it’s, nice to see that functionality there and also gives it a great looking shape to it.

We come across the center grille. This has been updated for 2021, just like the headlights gloss black still that familiar design. You got that 2021 Land Rover Discovery Sport badge with the british green there that british racing green the discovery name.

I still wish that they would actually take the emblems and sink them down into the hood, to give it a little bit cleaner, look, but still a lot of heritage behind that name for sure we work our way down.

You have functionality in this wide, horizontal opening and then down below more gloss, black forward-facing camera and then some gloss black along the lower bumper area. But really look like i said, looking familiar, but you could see those touches and i think that they went in the right direction now when we get up onto the hood great fold to it, meets perfectly with that refresh grille that discovery badge and i’m going to say it once again: portofino blue, probably one of my favorite blues.

I like the way that you have this separate section on the back of the hood, just to give it a little bit of character, because there is so much that’s coming from the front now, as we come around the bend, you’re going to have new wheel designs and you still got the options, so these are 20 inch wheels. 2021 Land Rover Discovery Sport

You can go bigger. I like the gloss black design. The split spoke going on a little bit of a twist to it, but really super clean and with the blue, it’s working great. They’re 235 on the width, 50 series sidewall and just the proper amount of room between the top of the tire inside the fender.

2021 Land Rover Discovery Sport Redesign

2021 Land Rover Discovery Sport Redesign

Speaking of the fender, i love the way it’s all painted fender, even around the fender opening love the design that they do and even like you can see how that hood meets with the fender to give it to that unique british design.

Now, when we come into the actual fender close to the door, you’re, going to get a discovery badge. I am going to zonk this fake vent. I wish they would have done something a little bit different, but i like the way it’s got the discovery.

Name blacked out on the roof, gives it that two-tone appeal that many people are really digging. You’re gonna. Have the gloss black on your mirror? Caps, you can see the turn signals slim and trim built in you got your 360 camera.

One thing that’s really interesting, and i’m gonna have lori earner. Money today is that they decided to take the r dynamic badge and put it down here low on the fender. I’m, really scratching my head on that one, and i am zonking the placement.

Why not take it and put it up here or actually smooth out this fake vent and drop it in there? I think that would look much better. Plus people would actually notice it. Nobody’s, going to notice it down below like that, but as we go down the side, look at how that vent picks up a body line runs down the side of the vehicle, nice flat roof.

What that means is you’re? Getting a great design, but it’s, also going to give you plenty of headroom for everybody, no matter where they’re sitting, whether they’re sitting in the front or the back seat, color matched on the door handles.

We get to the rear. You’re, going to have that 2021 Land Rover Discovery Sport badge still on that rear pillar, decent size on the corner, glass and then, as we get to the tail on the business, you’re, going to get a nice low roof spoiler blacked out Shark fin antenna – you do have the wiper here.

2021 Land Rover Discovery Sport Premier Options Specs

2021 Land Rover Discovery Sport Premier Options Specs

We all know how i feel about that would be nice to tuck that in discovery badging across the back, you got your sport badge license plate in the center. I know a lot of people have ocd, they hate. Seeing those land rover models where the license plate is a little over to the left, your badging look at the tail lights, wonderful led lit clean design and, as we work our way down super clean, i love on land rovers and range rovers, how they hide the Exhaust so it’s, not dangling down.

You have the gloss black to match up front. You see what they’re doing with this fake. This grille design, i don’t, even know what you would call this, but why? Why does that need to be there, so i am going to zonk that but other than that clean, i just wish they didn’t. 2021 Land Rover Discovery Sport


You work your way down to the middle. You’re gonna get more of that material, but now it’s, textured with that red stitching pops nicely. I love the brushed aluminum in the center of the door panel there and you have a little shiny surface for the door. Handle and the door handle pull. You got the meridian sound system and a super sized door pocket where you could easily put two 12 inch foot long, meatball subs.

We tested it out already lori and i extra parm and a can of coca-cola nicely done now. When you get to the dash more of that same soft material, the red stitching, the aluminum looks great nice soft touch up top on the dash like a nerf football, and then we have some updates here. This is a 10-inch infotainment system.

It’s that pivi pro system they’re, updating, uh the software with it. So it really reacts nicely. You have navigation, apple, carplay, android, auto you go to your home selection, real, quick! You go back to navigation. I’m, going to throw it into reverse great, clear camera work with trajectory, which is great, the 360 cam. You can hit off-road that’s, going to give you your all-wheel drive, set up there with the backup camera and then watch this.

2021 Land Rover Discovery Sport Interior

2021 Land Rover Discovery Sport Interior

I’m going to put it in the park. We’re, going to hit this guy right there. Now we’re looking out front and it looks like we can see almost right through our 2021 Land Rover Discovery Sport. As you are going off road, you can see the wheels and tires moving. I could then hit on road and look at that. There we are there. We are at st petersburg land rover, st petersburg. We got the 360. of course.

The doors open that’d, be kind of cool if it showed lori right there. She’d, look good right there, but anyways great cameras and then to get back to home. You’re right back and then i get back to navigation there. It is start, stop button nicely placed the red stitching and then, when you look in the center area, there is a lot of gloss black.

But what’s kind of cool? Is they multi-function buttons and surfaces? So you have your volume knob and everything. Then watch this, let’s say you want to put on the seat heater. You just turn. You want to cool it.

You got your hill descent control nice little cubby here for wireless cell phone charging. I would put a twinkie or two in here, but you wan na you wan na charge up your phone. You don’t want it to go dead USB C.

This is gonna control that nine speed automatic. I love the nice silver finishes, a little bit of gloss black, nothing too crazy. Even some stitch work there, two large cup holders. There is your standard 2021 Land Rover Discovery Sport key fob with that british racing green turn it around there’s, your buttons, it’s a little on the large side, but you know what it’s, one of those things that i Think a lot of people like to have something a little large in their pockets.

2021 Land Rover Discovery Sport Color

2021 Land Rover Discovery Sport Color

So there you go neoprene material with the red stitching. We open this up that’s. Where you’re, going to load it up with twinkies. You could easily put 20 twinkies in there. You got usbc usb and a 12 volt, which is wonderful, close that up and then the seats.

I actually really dig these. They look like they’re out of a sports car. The stitch work, the perforated material bolstering, is pretty minimal, but still nicely done seat and they’re 12-way positionable for the passenger and the driver, and then, of course you have that wonderful panoramic roof there look how large that is, slides all the way Back everybody gets some vitamin d and then you just bring it back to close it up, but why don’t you come over the business end as this is closing.

I want to show you behind the wheel of this discovery. Sport all right guys, business time behind the wheel. You’ll notice, this beautiful r-dynamic aluminum sill plate very classy, reminds you what trim you went with with the discovery sport.

You have your seat controls easy to get to that lower. Lumbar feels good manually, tilting and telescoping steering wheel, but i love the steering wheel. The two separate pieces of leather, very classy feels great all the way around you get a nice discovery, horn button a little bit of gloss black a little bit aluminum finish, and then you’re, going to get these paddles massive paddles behind the steering wheel.

They are metal to go up and down that nine speed automatic and then the dash now the bummer is it’s, not full digital display, but you have a nice large digital area in the center, and i like the way, the gauges kind Of blend in with that now watch when i go into the different modes, this is pretty cool, so we start off in auto and then you can go to eco.

You go to eco pro you go to back to auto. We have all terrain grass, gravel and snow mud and ruts and then of course, sand it’s kind of cool to have all that usability that versatility and a nice digital display to show it all in the center. 2021 Land Rover Discovery Sport

But overall i got plenty of headroom. I’m six feet tall. Let’s, get to that back seat and see how your passengers are gonna feel in the discovery. Sport all right guys, backseat time and the great news, like i told you with that flat roof design plenty of head room here’s.

2021 Land Rover Discovery Sport Configurations

2021 Land Rover Discovery Sport Configurations

Have them ready for whoever’s sitting back here we do have rear ac, and then you’re going to have all the connectivity you could ever wish for two usbcs, a 12 volt and a twinkie tray one twinkie drop down in There and then over here you can hang your purse, you can hang your bag, your merch, your satchel, your sack, i got plenty of room here, seats, feel great and what’s even better?

Is you can slide them make it even feel better? For you and then, of course, you can recline as well and then arm rest nice, high open that up fill this up with skittles. Think about it. Have this open see the rainbow taste the rainbow all right here and two cup holders? Let’s, check out the cargo area and see how much room we have in the discovery center time again the cargo area, real simple: you hit the button right underneath, oh because o stands for open, open sesame, nice electric assist. 2021 Land Rover Discovery Sport

What i like is that the floor. It’s right there, for you super flat. It’s, got the weather, mat protection back here, so you’re, not going to mess up the beautiful carpet. You have your switch gear to lower the seats down now when it comes to the space. With the seats up, you’re. Looking at 43.3 cubic feet of space, you fold down the seats you’re, looking at 74.3 cubic feet of space on the driver’s side.

What’s? Wonderful is not only do you get a 12 volt? Not only do you get a twinkie tray where you can put two twinkies, but also you get a usb port back here nice for when you’re tailgating for when you’re camping, but you know what it’s About that time, if you’re ready, i’m ready hit that button.

We’re in the 2021 Land Rover Discovery Sport. Our dynamic, like i, was saying the layout of everything is very smart in here and once you get the hang of all the buttons and knobs that have multi functions, i think you’re, really going to actually enjoy the simplicity overall of not having Just a total cluster of tons of different buttons and knobs that do a plethora of different things.

Now sound deadening is really well done in here, great thickness of glass. You can see the navigation easy to get to everything which is a big pleasure, and these seats are very comfortable. The only thing i’m missing are ventilated seats. It would be nice to have some ventilated seats, but the seats themselves are supportive without being too squishy, which is great. The paddles are nice, and large and visibility is fantastic side mirrors work.


We got the hood pops, you do have hydraulic hood struts, underneath the hood is one of two engine choices. On our 2021 discovery, we have the two liter inline turbocharged engine 296 horsepower 295 pound-feet of torque.

2021 Land Rover Discovery Sport Specification

2021 Land Rover Discovery Sport Specification

It is mated to a nine-speed automatic transmission. Of course, we have all-wheel drive 0-60 in about 6.9 seconds top speed 125 miles per hour. The vehicle weighs 4 865 pounds mpgs 19 in the city 23 on the highway, and this can tow up to 6 614 pounds.

I think the good news is it’s, nice, to see the choice, to have the choice between the two different options and you know what for what it’s worth the towing capability is quite impressive.

How much the 2021 Land Rover Discovery Sport Price?

2021 Land Rover Discovery Sport is optioned is $54.000.