Updates Take 2021 RAM 1500 Limited to New Stage!

2021 RAM 1500 Limited – When this generation of the ram 1500 first came out, it really rocked the pickup truck world, and it continues to do so. Today we’ve got the latest 2021 example next to us right now, and it is throwing in a number of new features this year, all in a bid to stay ahead of stiff competition like the all-new f-150, which is just now arriving at dealerships.

2021 RAM 1500 Limited Release Date

2021 RAM 1500 Limited Release Date

So does it succeed at that mission? Let’s, go ahead and find out now. One thing this ram has always done. Right is the exterior design because this is a super handsome truck that grabs your attention.

What You Have to Get From 2021 RAM 1500 Limited

What we have with us is the fully loaded limited trim, so that, of course, is going to get you the fanciest front design. So we have a very intricately styled chrome, grille. However, new for 2021, you have a night edition that you can choose for the first time, and that’s, going to black everything out up here in the front for that cool. Stealthier.


Look now coming over here to your headlights. You’re going to have premium led headlights, of course, standard on this limited trim level, and then down below you’ll, also find led fog lights now coming down here to your wheels. You have really something that adds a lot of zing to this design and it’s.

These 22 inch polished alloy wheels. These are optional on the limited trim level, and otherwise you will have a standard 20 inch alloy, but I’d recommend getting these. These are awesome. Above that, we have some prominent branding, we have limited branding down at the bottom as well, and then we come up to the mirrors.

Of course, you have all the features with this limited, so you have power-folding, you have blind-spot monitoring, you’ve got the chrome cap led turn signal and new for 2021 RAM 1500 Limited. These are the tow mirrors. We also still have the 360 camera. So now these can be combined together, so that’s. Definitely a nice addition, all righty. So before we talk about the rear design of the ram 1500, i do want to talk about the different cabs as well as the bed configurations you can get.

So here on the limited trim, you are going to have a limited number of cab configurations, so it’s, going to be crew cab. Only and as far as your beds, you have the five and five foot, seven inch bed or this optional.

2021 RAM 1500 Limited Change

2021 RAM 1500 Limited Change

Six foot four inch bed now as far as the rear design itself. Of course, this is as classy as ever. The 2021 RAM 1500 Limited is one of my favorite trucks, especially here in the rear, because it just looks very, very good now what you’re, going to get as far as the design goes, these tail lights are going to be fully led, as you can Tell the turn signal the reverse light, as well as the brake light, are all going to be led, which is nice for a truck in this price range and then dropping down you’re, also going to notice that we do have dual chrome exhaust.

Outlets that’s, going to be, if you go for the hemi or the diesel engine option and walking up to the tailgate you’re, probably noticing one of the cool features that this particular model has and that’s. The multi-function tailgate and it actually can open into two different pieces. So if you do this, it opens fully. But if you push this handle here, it will release no, it didn’t shut.

So, in order to open it, you just push this little button right here and there you go, you can open it to the side and then, if you grab this lever that will open this part up so that’s, definitely pretty cool and of Course you can open up the traditional way as well and then looking into the tailgate, we do have an optional bed liner on this particular model, which is quite nice.

We have led lighting on both the sides, as well as some racks for you to attach stuff, and we’re, also going to have ram boxes on this particular model. So you can stick stuff in the side of the bed as well as lock. It to keep like your tools, safe or whatever type of materials that you’re working with now for your safety systems. 2021 RAM 1500 Limited is going to continue to include ford emergency braking with pedestrian detection standard and then, if you go for the advanced safety group, that’s going to throw in the rest of the stuff, you’re.

2021 RAM 1500 Limited Towing Capacity

2021 RAM 1500 Limited Towing Capacity

Looking for, like adaptive cruise control, lane, keeping assist and auto high beam, headlamps and new for 2021 is an advanced pedestrian detection system, but anyway, guys that’s, going to sum up the exterior design of this 2021 RAM 1500 Limited.


You have your buttons, which include remote start, as well as the ability to remotely lower the air suspension. Now, the inside of the truck itself, all you have to do is just grab behind the handle and it will on and glancing inside of this cabin. All you can really think is wow. It is no less impressive. Three years after it came out, then it was when it first arrived on the scene. Now you’re, probably noticing the very interesting color scheme that we have on this model, and that is a tan interior with indigo accents.

Turning over here to your door trim, you’ll, see the same materials reflected up here, so we have indigo leather covering all the armrest area, more leather, covering all this. This part here, as well as the upper panel with color contrast, stitching and real wood trim. Of course, you have two person memory seating right over there. As far as your windows, there’ll, be one touch auto up and down for the driver and passenger checking out the seats.

These are 12-way power, adjusting with 4-way lumbar support and then the seats themselves. Of course, since it’s, the fully loaded model, we do have the premium genuine leather seating. You have perforation in here in the middle uh, lots of unique stitching designs all around and the weather quality itself is phenomenal and you get inside.

2021 RAM 1500 Limited Interior

2021 RAM 1500 Limited Interior

Just put your foot on this very large power, deploying running board and reach up here to the leather wrapped assist grip. Now, like i was already mentioning there’s, really nothing that comes to mind getting inside this cabin, except for wow. It is just such an impressive space, not just for a truck but for any type of vehicle. So with this limited tremolo you get all the nicety, so you have a full leather cover dashboard with tons of color contrast, stitching and piping that run all through here.

Dropping down, we have some open, pour genuine wood trim that runs up here as well. We have more leather that covers these lower areas. We have some aluminum trim more wood. I mean it’s, absolutely a stunning place to spend time and extremely luxurious.

Now start it up put your foot on the brake and press the standard button. Now taking a look around the gauges uh. This is the same setup as we had last year. So you have your two analog gauges with a seven inch display in the middle and then the different trim levels have different accent, colors, and this of course contains all the typical kinds of information, including things for drivers, assist and off road.

We now have a head-up display here on the limited trim level, so it’s. Definitely a nice addition to have, and it’s very large and vivid now, coming back to the steering wheel. Of course, it is leather wrapped with color contrast stitching. You also have wood accents along the bottom and the top, and then the steering wheel itself is going to be manual tilt and telescoping, as well as being heated here with the limited trim level.

You have your power adjusting pedals and all my coupons gone bye-bye, but now let’s, go ahead and check out interior storage because that’s, always fun and a full-size truck there’s. So much so let’s start with the center console here. Lift this up. We have a felt lined area with a usb port. Lift up the second part, and we have a gigantic storage band really goes down a long ways.

There’s, a lining down at the bottom as well. Let’s. Have this floating console now this itself can slide back and forth, because all underneath through here is all one mega storage area, and then this part here they these open up. This one has a felt lining, and this is your cup holders now checking out this front. Part of the bin here tons of space, you do have a household outlet down there. This is a wireless phone charging pad.

This is another place to stick something you have four more usbs and an aux jack. You have some storage along each side. Here you have storage in the doors and we also have storage up here with a 12 volt outlet, so lots and lots of connections and lots and lots of storage is safe to say now.

Drive controls and your defeat for the auto start, stop system and then moving over here we have a few more buttons. This is your trailer brake controller, which reminds me to speak about a new system for 2021 RAM 1500 Limited, and that is the trailer reverse steering control system, which basically works the same way as ford’s, trailer, backup assist then over here.

2021 RAM 1500 Limited Cargo Space

2021 RAM 1500 Limited Cargo Space

We also have the control for the air suspension, your tow haul mode and your parking sensors all right. So now that brings us up here to our audio system. So with the limited equipment group one we have the 19 speaker, harman kardon premium sound system.

Speaker, grilles really just add an extra touch of class to this cabin okay. So let’s dig into the gigantic 12.3 inch touch display. So obviously this is going to have a lot of functions inside of it. However, most of your climate controls uh do have physical controls that run along the side of the display. So this is a dual zone: automatic climate control setup like i said you can make adjustments right here like so.

You can also press the climate button right here and that will bring you to the dedicated screen, which will have all the other settings that don’t appear as physical buttons. As far as the display itself, it hasn’t really changed for 2021 RAM 1500 Limited, so you will still continue to find the same uconnect system. It does not have the brand new uconnect 5 software.

However, 2021 RAM 1500 Limiteddoes say that it’s coming. You have, of course, android auto and apple car playabilities on board and then, with this 12.3 inch display on the limited trim level, you have built-in navigation. Now, as we move on up here, i want to show you one of the brand new features for 2021 RAM 1500 Limited, so this looks like a regular, auto dimming mirror, but all you do is flip that switch and you’ll see it is a rear.

Camera mirror this, of course, is a very nice touch. You still have your homework universal remotes built into it as well, and then, finally, up here at the very top, we have the optional panoramic sunroof.

It goes all the way back to the very rear and the front portion there does open up. Ah, so you guys know that i love sitting in the 2021 RAM 1500 Limited, rear seat, because this is just an extraordinary place to spend time, especially in this crew cab, limited configuration it’s, so luxurious and so spacious.

Now, as far as the leg room figures, it’s, going to come in at 45, inches of your leg, room 40 inches of her headroom, which makes it the largest among all of the big full-sized trucks and behind drew seating position. I have just ton of space, and my feet of course, can slide up underneath the seat, and another thing that i do want to point out is that these rear seats do recline.

Now, as far as the feature set, of course, there’s going to be a lot, so we do have cup holders up top down below that. We have rear vents further below that we have two usb type-cs two charging usbs and then we have heated rear seats which are going to be standard on the limited model and then optional ventilation, which this does have and then dropping down.

We have a household style outlet, so you should surely be able to keep everything charged up back here, and i do also want to point out that you can fold down the center seat, and that gives you a really nice armrest that you can open up with A felt line, storage area and two more cupholders.

The practicality of this rear seat. So, of course, you can just fold them up, so you just lift it up, and then that’s going to reveal you have this storage area right here that you can fit some stuff that no one’s ever going to find.

Then you have this right here, which is another area where no one’s ever gonna find. If you open this up, you have this whole area right here. That is completely hidden underneath of the floor and over here on the passenger seat.

We do, of course, have power adjustment and we even have the 4-way lumbar support here. Then, if we open up the glovebox, this is going to be a pretty good-sized glovebox from what i remember. This is pretty much on par with most full-size trucks and it is nicely felt lined and the coupons of course can fit in there.

So you need to pay for the 2021 RAM 1500 Limited. You can do that with the coupons. Then up top you have another felt line, storage area that you can throw even more coupons and then finally, with the sun visor, you do have a mirror as well as some lighting, and you can also detach and extend that’s 60.


This is a fast uh, fast track with this hemi V8, and it makes all the right sounds. I love the way this sounds so we have got the 5.7 liter v8 engine 395 horsepower 410 pound feet of torque. This is actually standard on the limited trim level new for 2021, so you no longer have the pentastar v6 as the base engine with the limited you go straight to the 5.7 liter V8.

2021 RAM 1500 Limited Specification

2021 RAM 1500 Limited Specification

Now, on this specific example, we have the optional e-torque system. On top of that, and basically that is not going to increase the power, but it is going to allow a battery to basically power, the electronics and other accessories, and that, in effect, does give you more power to the wheels. There is also the option for a diesel engine that’s, a three liter turbo diesel with 260 horsepower 460 pound-feet of torque, but just cruising along here.

This is an exceptional ride quality now, as you probably know, by now, the 2021 RAM 1500 Limited is the has the class exclusive air suspension uh, so that really does make this ride, like almost s-class level like this is extremely extremely good ride quality and i do also want to Get a sound level reading, while we’re going, we’ll, slow it down to 55, for you know, keeping it the same all right at 55 miles an hour, we’re, registering 57.

1 decibels. That is a very good reading. I do believe the all-new f-150 that we reviewed um, probably a couple weeks ago. I think it tested right at those figures, if not a little bit higher. Now we do have an auto start, stop system on board, and i should say this is ridiculously smooth with this mod hybrid etorque system, um, really a plus on the autostar, stop definitely the best.

Really nice transmission, as always super smooth, really just kind of blends into the background. You know, after you get to eight speeds. I’m, not really sure there’s, a big advantage to like the 10 speed that’s in the f-150 um. You know this is definitely an excellent transmission. Now, as far as your fuel economy is concerned for the ram, this has always been an area that i’ve, actually been very impressed with now.

How fuel-efficient will the new 2021 RAM 1500 Limited be?

You may expect that out of this hemi engine that it would get really bad fuel economy uh, but that’s, actually not the case. So the hemi four-wheel drive with the e-torque, which is what we have with us today, is rated at 17, 20, to 19  and that is actually going to be right in line with what you’re, going to get out of the rivals. Uh, many of which you know like the f-150. It just has the v6 ecoboost um.

So really you’re, not sacrificing a lot for getting that hemi v8 and of course, you can get the turbo diesel, which will have 25 to 26 miles a gallon combine, which is excellent right uh. The only thing is, of course, this is a mild hybrid system, so it is not a full hybrid, like you can get in the f-150.

2021 RAM 1500 Limited Redesign

2021 RAM 1500 Limited Redesign

Now that is going to be the class leader yeah as far as that, the best field economy now for the slam, dunk and air ball, we had so many choices for the slam, dunking, so few choices for the air ball uh i’ll start With the air ball, this is actually the same as last year.

How much the 2021 RAM 1500 Limited Price?

This special rear camera mirror they’re, just all things that just make this even better yeah and then, finally, with our pricing for the ram uh, 2021 RAM 1500 Limited start at 56,250 bucks for the limited, and that is the cheapest configuration that you can get so that’s with uh two wheel drive now this particular ram 1500, as you’ve, probably seen throughout this review.

This one has pretty much everything this one’s fully specced out, plus the sixteen hundred ninety five dollar destination charge. Uh brings this one to seventy two thousand seven hundred and forty dollars.