Is The 2021 Range Rover Holyoke Edition A Luxury Suv Worth The Price?

2021 Ranger Rover Holyoke Edition – What’s, going on here, land rover been around for decades. Even before the word suv was spoken on anybody’s lips fast forward to the 21st century. You still have land rover, but you still have their premium extension known as range rover now with a range rover, especially this sv, autobiography you’re, going to get a level of fit and finish that’s.

2021 Ranger Rover Holyoke Edition Release Date

2021 Ranger Rover Holyoke Edition Release Date

What You Have to Get From 2021 Ranger Rover Holyoke Edition

Second, to none, and with this being part of that svo, the special vehicles operation – you’re, going to get supercharged v8 power underneath that hood now there’s, a lot of competition, some profess to be at a higher level than this Sb autobiography, but i want to find out, is this the true king? Is this the ultimate of all high-end luxury suvs?

Let’s, go ahead and find out what our 2021 sv autobiography 2021 Range Rover Holyoke Edition right off the bat you’re, going to notice this beautiful color it’s called svo blue, absolutely stunning.


We start at the front of the business you’re, going to get that unique, headlight design from range rover. You can’t confuse this with any other brand. You have your led lighting daytime running lamp headlamps.

You got the required headlight washers, as you’re, going off-road and yes, as pretty as this suv looks, it could do the business off-road. Now, in its lower setting, you’re, looking around eight inches of ground clearance, with the suspension you could raise it up and get about 11 inches of ground clearance.

You’ll notice, full functional venting for all the cooling, a little bit of gloss black and i’m liking on the 2021 Range Rover Holyoke Edition, the nice flat metallic gold finish going on. We have led fog lamps down below a little bit of flat black, nothing too crazy, and then we come across the center grille area.

You’re gonna get that range rover badge across the hood. I love the gold accents. Normally i’m, not a big gold person, but it’s really popping nicely with this svo premium: blue the gloss black, unique grille design with the land rover badge and then, if you work your way down, you’re going to get a forward-facing camera more of that beautiful metallic gold and just a little bit of gloss black, but all of this is functional, which is good news.

2021 Ranger Rover Holyoke Edition Change

2021 Ranger Rover Holyoke Edition Change

Now, as we come around the bend being part of the 2021 Range Rover Holyoke Edition you’re gonna have like i said that gold trim the way the hood has a nice fold to it, love the body lines as it comes towards the a-pillar, which is All blacked out and then feast your eyes on these wheels.

These are 22-inch wheels, machined aluminum metallic gray, finish like the clean design, especially with this particular color 275. On the width 40 series sidewall, you can see all that suspension bit that’s been tweaked for this sv autobiography.

All of that is adaptive from the cockpit as you’re driving down the road calipers. Look at those massive gloss: black brembo, six piston calipers gonna clamp down on that rotor. I like the way it’s, got the land rover badge on there, but very very elegant, but also, if you know what you’re.

Looking at this is definitely going to do the business performance wise now going down. The side, like i said, gloss black gloss black on your mirror caps. You got your turn signals. I love on the sv autobiography the nice design that they put on the doors, especially this one being color mesh instead of the gloss black and then you have that metallic gold trim that goes down the lower portion.

You have these electrically deployable running boards. These steps that can drop down and then you have that nice low roof color mesh. I’m glad that they didn’t black out the roof. Just the a pillars gives it: a nice look coming down the side, gloss black large rear quarter window, some gloss black on the door handles, but everything just looks: super clean, very tasteful.

Getting towards the rear. You’ll notice, the gloss black coming off. The rear pillar look at the way they do. They work the tail light design. Absolutely love the way they pay attention to detail, see how the body line flows into that you have the gold along the bottom that unique, led signature display range rover across the back. 2021 Range Rover Holyoke Edition

I’m glad there’s, no chrome, and then we have that very special vehicle operations, bag, sv badge sv, autobiography looking sharp drop all the way down. Of course, you’re, going to get all your tow capability.

2021 Ranger Rover Holyoke Edition Price

2021 Ranger Rover Holyoke Edition Price

They do have these slash, cut, polished, aluminum, decorative trim rings, but you do have exhausts on both sides other than that very clean, underneath the back of our particular range rover.


The stitch work. There is a bit of gloss black, which is a little bit of a letdown, but you got all your seat controls, obviously real easy to adjust the leather. I love the tan, really breaks everything up. You got a super sized door pocket down there. You could easily put two foot long subs from jersey mike’s, no problem. Now, when you go from the door panel to the dash, the two-tone material continues. 2021 Range Rover Holyoke Edition

Soft touch the leather, the leather everywhere we could open up the glove box. You could also open up the top box and you’ll notice, that’s, where you can put those twinkies. They’re, not going to get scratched, you close it up nice and clean the aluminum, and then we get to the infotainment side of things.

2021 Ranger Rover Holyoke Edition Interior

2021 Ranger Rover Holyoke Edition Interior

So you’re. Looking at that 11 inch, infotainment system, navigation, apple, carplay, android, auto very easy to use. You could adjust the tilt of the screen and then watch when i put it into reverse there’s our backup camera. There very very clear, looks great with trajectory and even look at the nice little work that they do around the touches. Like the start, stop button and whatnot you have a massive tft display ac controls.

You can get your seat controls. Of course, you’re, going to have heated, you’re, going to have ventilated all the fine touches go into vehicle settings. This is where you can make all those adjustments all by the press of a button.

You also have your dual climate control and i love the way you could adjust everything look at this. We could adjust ventilated or heated very easy and it’s got that nice finish around everything. This is going to control that eight-speed automatic transmission, tasteful sv, autobiography badge there looking clean. 2021 Range Rover Holyoke Edition

Of course, you have your mode selector that you could do here as well and push it back down open this big long piece of gloss black, and what do we Have we have two cup holders and then, of course, you’re gonna have that sv special vehicle operations, key fob with the buttons on the back put that back in here that wonderful soft material, and then we lift that up.

What do we have? We have a nice little tray here where we could put some peanut m. Ms, lift that up. You got a cooler, so you have your cooler, keep things extra, cold or semi-cold, whatever you want, and then the seats look at the material two-tone soft, as can be you’ll, never want to sleep in anything less than these seats, and i just Love the material and the diamond pleated stitching.

2021 Ranger Rover Holyoke Edition Electric Feature

2021 Ranger Rover Holyoke Edition Electric Feature

Of course, you’re, going to have that massive panoramic sunroof with the leather headliner, so they really left no stun stone unturned. I got plenty of headroom come over the business and i want to show you behind the wheel of this sb autobiography all right guys sitting in these massaging seats is amazing in this sv autobiography.

You have the tasteful aluminum sill plate with the lighting, and then you’re gonna have really nice looking brake pedal and throttle semi large on the dead pedal seats are as comfortable as could be, especially as i’m getting massage and then steering wheel that same two-tone leather.

The tan with the dark you’re gonna have metal paddles on the back of the steering wheel to go up and down that zf eight speed and then feast your eyes on that beautiful 12 inch display full color love all the clarity. 2021 Range Rover Holyoke Edition

The touches the steering wheel has a nice classy unique feel to it, but you know what it’s, not just about the people up front. Let’s, get to the back seat and see what they’re going to enjoy in this sv autobiography all right guys, backseat time, and i’m telling you right now.

This is where you’re really sitting in the lap of luxury, the same great leather, all the way around look at the pockets. How massive that you could you could easily put the gutenberg bible in there real easy with all that room.

2021 Ranger Rover Holyoke Edition Redesign

2021 Ranger Rover Holyoke Edition Redesign

You have the same great ac controls with the nice finish and then connectivity they got you covered. You have usbs, you have a home power source underneath there 12 volts and then to adjust everything it’s. All electric assist just like up front and of course you’re gonna get that same great, massage setting, which is phenomenal, ac vents up top ac vents in front of me and then, of course you have look at this.

I don’t even know what to do. I’m just in awe of an electric dropping center armrest here for the rear passengers. You lift that up. You have nice yeah! You put your iphone 42 here all in gold. Finish! Look at this, i feel like i’m in the starship enterprise or something wow talk about an extension there and then, of course, you slide that open. 2021 Range Rover Holyoke Edition

You got two cupholders boy. This is this is what it’s all about here. You lift this up. You even got more connectivity, unbelievable wow, but while we go ahead, let’s. Get to the cargo air because i can’t wait to do some on throttle supercharged v8 power, all right, guys: cargo area time you’re, going to hit the button nice electric assist.

What’s nice about the sv? Autobiography is you have, of course, that ledge that you push that and that’s going to lower down and give you a nice landing pad. You’ll notice, the plethora of buttons for lowering the seats you could raise and lower the back of your sv, autobiography all by the touch of a button.

On the other side, we have a 12 volt. So if you’re going tailgating, if you’re out somewhere, where you need a power source, you have a power source nicely at the back. Now, if you’re wondering well joe, how much space do we have? You’re, basically, looking at 34.5 cubic feet of space with those seats up and really wonderful is just the functionality you hit that button, that’s. Gon na go back up that’s gonna stop all the groceries from falling out.

But you know what, if you’re ready, i’m ready, let’s, go ahead and go on throttle in our supercharged range rover. All right guys. We’re in the sv, autobiography holyoke edition right away. What you’re gonna notice. Is this extreme level of quality? I mean everywhere, you look touch taste, smell, taste feel is all high level, the leather, the metal paddles.

2021 Ranger Rover Holyoke Edition Cargo Space

2021 Ranger Rover Holyoke Edition Cargo Space

All of the finish getting to the infotainment system is easy. You’re able to tilt it, which is great. You just go ahead and hit the gears and then right there. You could actually tilt the screen. Look at that one two three, and then we could go ahead and get right out of that right back to our navigation.

You have all your ac controls easy to get to, which is nice, and then even the touch is like the shifter, how the shifter actually raises when you fire up your sv autobiography seats are super comfy. I like the way the seat controls are really high.

You got the massage seat, setting three memory seat settings. The only thing i don’t get are the the extra captains chair extensions, but for the armrest i don’t really get that i feel like the regular armrest is plenty, but your backseat passengers are gonna feel just as good As you feel, sitting up front, that’s for sure all right, guys showing you on that tft display instead of the ac controls. 2021 Range Rover Holyoke Edition


You do have hydraulic hood struts check out the strut tower bracing that they put at the front of the business. You can see the wires going to those shock absorbers for that adaptive, suspension and everything engine cover, not the sexiest.

But what is sexy in my eyes is that word doubled up twice: supercharged you’re. Looking at a five liter, supercharged, v8 557 horsepower 516 pound-feet of torque. It is mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission zero to sixty in 5.1 seconds top speed 140 miles an hour.

What’s crazy is, is that this thing weighs 5 545 pounds. So really great time, 0 to 60, for such a heavy vehicle mpg is 14 in the city, and then you’re looking at towing 7 716 pounds worth of towing capability nice to see them bring the high level of luxury, but also do it.

2021 Ranger Rover Holyoke Edition Specification

2021 Ranger Rover Holyoke Edition Specification

In a way where you got some supercharged performance, but while we go ahead, let’s, fire it up and hear what it sounds like all right guys. We’re in this 2021 sv autobiography holyoke edition. I know you’re at that point where you’re like joe, i didn’t even know this thing existed.

How much the 2021 Ranger Rover Holyoke Edition Price?

It is one heck of an suv. What’s, the price on it? So you’re, looking at an msrp the way that this 2021 Ranger Rover Holyoke Edition  is optioned around $200.000.