Did New 2021 Toyota Corolla Nightshade Better Car Than A Honda Civic?

2021 Toyota Corolla Nightshade – It’s been around since 1966. If you could believe that it did not come to our shores here in the united states until 1968, but boy, oh boy, did this car make a splash and really changed the name of the game in the auto industry.

2021 Toyota Corolla Nightshade Release Date

2021 Toyota Corolla Nightshade Release Date

This was one of those early japanese cars that was very small in size, but really big on fuel savings and also on reliability. Now fast forward to 2021 corolla’s got some makeovers over the years. This one looking aggressive, but with the nightshade edition.

What they decide to do is bring some special touches to the se trim on the exterior and the interior to really make it be a standout. Even if you don’t want to go higher trim levels. So what i want to find out is: is this corolla the one to get with the nightshade edition trim, or should you be looking, maybe at a civic from honda or even a mazda 3 or the new hyundai elantra?

What You Have to Get From 2021 Toyota Corolla Nightshade

Let’s, go ahead and find out right off the bat i’m digging the silver on our 2021 Toyota Corolla Nightshade, because it’s going to allow you to really see the nightshade black accent trim pieces a lot more effectively, starting At the front of the business we have led headlights led daytime running lamps, that’s standard across all the trim levels on the toyota corolla, and i really think with this generation they went super aggressive.


I love how far the headlight housing intersects into the center section of the front fascia there’s that led daytime running lamp and the led headlight that’s, illuminated for you now, as you work your way down. Like i said, i was talking about aggression on the nightshade up front, a lot of black trim. What i do love are the lower lighting lamps here that’s. Gon na be led as well even the way they did. This lower lip extension.

The way it’s got the two different levels. The one thing you know i’m gonna zonk. Are the fake vents just leave it smooth don’t even make it look like a vent or what they could have done is maybe put some horizontal pieces into that section and then had a functional air curtain that would have still looked aggressive.

Would it look clean, but it would have also had some functionality but, like i said nice shade edition you’re, going to get those black accent pieces at the front end of the business when we come across that big, wide, open, grill area. This is all functional the raised area. I can understand why this is just gloss black. You really can’t do much with that. I think if it was silver, it would make the front end of the car. Look too heavy, but definitely aggressive.

Definitely sporty that lower extension looks really clean, especially with the way that they designed it to integrate perfectly into that open grill mouth. On the 2021 Toyota Corolla Nightshade edition beside the black accents, you are getting a blacked out badge kit on it.

So you have your blacked out. Toyota badge and on the silver it pops perfectly now, when we get up onto that hood, real simple, you got your body lines pick up, go on to the hood and then they’re going to v off towards the a-pillar other than that looks Really sleek now, when we come around the bend, the great news is, the nightshade edition is not just about some blacked out trim and a blacked out.

2021 Toyota Corolla Nightshade Change

2021 Toyota Corolla Nightshade Change

Toyota badge you’re, actually getting unique wheels. So these are those gloss. Black wheels. 18 inch split spoke design, 2, 25 on the width, 40 series sidewall and, like i said, i think, the gloss black with the silver really pops. I know a lot of people are saying that black wheels are being overplayed or just played out totally in the auto industry and hey. You may be right, but it looks really good on this silver for sure, and you’ll notice on the front portion of the fender.

How that front, fascia extends out with the gloss black, and that is the one thing there’s. A lot of gloss black looks good brand new. It’s, going to be interesting to see five years down the road. Just how good that gloss. Black still looks now, as we go into the fender. You’re gonna get painted this isn’t gloss black. This is a metallic black paint on the mirror, caps part of the 2021 Toyota Corolla Nightshade. You have your turn signals built in.

I like the way they just kept it flat black. That all flat black metallic painted door handles that lower sill extension really drops down nicely, and it gives it that overall extra sporty look to it, keep working our way towards the rear.

I kind of am feeling like they should have made this glass instead of just a flat black plastic. I need to think about a little bit longer so right now i’m, going to just give it a half song, because we don’t have enough time for me to just sit here and ponder what this rear pillar should be.

All about, but as we come to the rear of the vehicle you’re gonna get this nice metallic painted trunk lid spoiler, nothing too crazy, but just enough there’s, another blacked out toyota badge and then, of course, if we Have the blacked out toyota badge we drop down, you have your corolla badge that is blacked out as well simple on the taillight design.

It would have been nice to have some led tail lights, but, as we kind of drop down closer to the ground here, you can see the gloss black rear, diffuser and more of that fake. I don’t. Why why do this? I don’t even know if it even looks good, let alone it’s, not even functional.

What i do like is, you do have a twin exhaust outlet on the passenger side. They’re staggered, so this one actually comes back a little bit further than the outside one, just to give it an extra sporty look, and, of course, if all the badges are blacked out, your se trim badge is going to be blacked out as Well, but while we go ahead, let’s pop the hood and see what’s powering our 2021 Toyota Corolla Nightshade corolla, all right guys, we got the hood popped open.


You do have a little bit of blue stitching that’s. Part of the night shape package just to let you know that hey you got something a little different armrest is super soft door pocket. You’re, going to be able to put a bottle of coca-cola and a whopper, maybe a big mac, but that would be pushing it other than that simple on the door design. When we get to the dash same soft touch material, both top and in the middle, which is great, i, like the silver trim you’re, going to get that eight inch, infotainment system apple, carplay, android auto.

Is it a touch screen, of course, and you have your selection buttons there easy to get into the different features which is really nice? Some people, i know, do not like this style of infotainment, but they do have it set up perfectly, for you be able to see it and use it. I throw it into reverse there’s, our backup camera, no trajectory which is a bummer, but it does take up all eight inches. Why have eight inches if you’re, not going to use all eight inches so that’s, good put it back in the park, they integrate the ac vents nicely.

2021 Toyota Corolla Nightshade Interior

2021 Toyota Corolla Nightshade Interior

You have your standard, ac controls, nice feel and touch to them. You got your temperature switch here and your blower fan knob as we drop down. You do have a massive cubby for twinkies, which you could easily put four twinkies in here, and they’re, not gonna fall out, which is great.

One thing i want to do. Is i’m actually going to turn the car off because, with the se trim, you do get a ignition key ignition, so it’s, not push button start. The funny thing is i actually like this key fob better than your standard.

Toyota key fob: it actually has a little bit more weight to it and looks pretty good. I mean it’s a little thick but other than that. And then, if somebody’s going to attack you, you get your switchblade get them, but we just put that right back and look kids. It’s. How we used to start up cars like that. You do have your shifter for your cvt transmission. The interesting thing is that it’s technically a hybrid transmission because you have first gear as an actual gear.

The rest of the system are the cvt belts. You do have a sport mode button. So when you’re feeling a little um, you know like you, want to zip zip a little quicker. You hit that sport button some gloss black, nothing too crazy. Two cup holders nice high armrest too bad it’s as hard as plymouth rock. So if you want to know what the pilgrims felt like when they got off the mayflower, this is what you’d, want to touch open this up.

2021 Toyota Corolla Nightshade Color

2021 Toyota Corolla Nightshade Color

You have a usb and a 12 volt, and if you, if you stand your twinkies up, you can easily get six in there without busting cream anywhere seats. Nice shade edition you’re, getting the blue trim, the stitching nice quality material, and i like the way it’s got some different pattern to it: to kind of spruce it up manual, seat controls for the passenger and the driver, but that’s. Okay, sc trim no sunroof, but plenty of headroom, but why don’t you come over.

The business end i want to show you behind the wheel of this corolla se, 2021 Toyota Corolla Nightshade all right, guys, business time there’s, nothing really to show when it comes to seat controls. You just have your manual seat controls, nothing electric, like i said i got plenty of room, though oh wait hold on a second, my phone’s ringing, hello.

You do have plastic paddles to go through simulated gears in that cvt transmission and then the dash it doesn’t get any more straightforward than that. You have an analog tag, large analog, speedometer in the center, and then you have a small little digital display on the right hand, side.

2021 Toyota Corolla Nightshade Electric Feature

2021 Toyota Corolla Nightshade Electric Feature

The great news is, you are going to get your toyota sensing technology to keep you safe and it’s. Just easy to read at a quick glance, but while we get to the back seat, see how much room a compact car really has.

You do have a pocket on the back of the passenger seat. Here’s, my advice, if you have a younger brother or sister, i would get this seat first and then, if they have a bunch of stuff – and they have nowhere to put it, then you could have them pay you some of their allowance to Use your pocket that’s, a little bit of smart thinking from me to you.

I’m, the oldest of six kids, so i used to do that. All the time made a lot of money. It was great in this center area. There’s, no rear ac, but you do have a nice cubby. You could easily put some now in later some jolly ranchers or even some atomic fireballs, that’s another fun game to play with your brothers and sisters, especially those that are younger, that don’t, know about atomic fireballs, give it to them and have them. You know, put it in their mouth and and eat it, and you’ll get to see the tears just well, you know swell up in their eyes as their mouth is on fire.

You do have two usbs, which are great, so they did bring some technology some connectivity, even though this is an sc trim and, like i was saying you know, they brought the same fabric, the blue stitching and on an sc trim.

2021 Toyota Corolla Nightshade Redesign

2021 Toyota Corolla Nightshade Redesign

We do have an armrest which is mighty soft with two cup holders, but while we get to the trunk, because i want to go for a drive all right guys, we’re in the 2021 Toyota Corolla Nightshade edition, and you know what it’s, unbelievable just how comfortable this car is, even with it being a compact and it’s not like an xle trim very, very comfortable.

The seats are supportive, but just allow you that uh that feeling so that you could go for a longer drive and it’s not going to beat you up, especially a road trip, but steering has a good feeling. It’s a little lighter compared to say a honda, civic or a mazda 3, but still feels good. I like the way it’s, got a leather wrapped steering wheel rather than the rubber style steering wheels. I do have it in sport mode and under normal driving conditions.


What an engine of today looks like so what you’re looking at is a naturally aspirated 2-liter inline-4. It’s, 169 horsepower 151 pound-feet of torque. It is mated to a cvt, which i am going to zonk that, but the great news is toyota does offer a six-speed manual.

So, thank you, toyota for doing that. With the cvt 0-60 in about 7.3 seconds, top speed is 118 miles an hour. The car weighs 3150 pounds here’s, where you’re, really gonna win. Mpgs 29, the city 36, on the highway – and one thing i just want to mention – is that there is a large massive open area at the firewall, because guess what we are going to be getting that turbocharged, toyota corolla gr, that we’ve, been Waiting for not all-wheel drive.

Naturally aspirated power, torque delivery is very linear. You’re, obviously not waiting for any kind of boost, or anything like that. Um, the cvt though it just i don’t, know it. It behaves very uniquely that doesn’t really jive with me very well. I i like more of a traditional conventional automatic transmission, but brakes feel good and the infotainment system. I think at first you’re, probably not going to like it. If you don’t like ipad style, but as you’re driving it it’s really easy to get to it’s real easy to see.

2021 Toyota Corolla Nightshade Price

2021 Toyota Corolla Nightshade Price

So that’s, good news, but as we get on the highway here, get up to speed with those simulated shifts taking place so right now we’re doing 60 miles an hour and we’re at 3 000. It’s, dropping a little bit more 2500 rpm.

It’s. Just for me not having that clear engagement of gears that you would have in a traditional transmission makes the cvt feel just a little sloppy and it’s. Transitioning, as you’re driving but odd throttle, so definitely they did a decent job with the simulated shifting as we’re, getting faster, the wind noise is definitely picking up, but still super smooth ride is very nice.

How much the 2021 Toyota Corolla Nightshade Price?

The way that this one is option is right around twenty five thousand dollars, let’s, see what you get for the money to the door panel, so door panel super clean, all soft material. I actually like the dark material toyota sometimes brings in a a beige, color or an off-white.

I really think it’s perfect. If you don’t want to go higher up the trim levels getting the se, but adding this 2021 Toyota Corolla Nightshade package really just accentuates the exterior that makes it stand out from the rest of not only the corolla crowd, but also the compact car crowd.

Having naturally aspirated power is never a bad thing, especially when it comes to that great toyota. Reliability, and this is one you got to add to your list if you’re looking for some new compact sedan.