Will There Be A 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser?

2021 Toyota Land Cruiser –  So there are a few vehicles as iconic all around the globe as this toyota land cruiser. It has been sold continuously for over 60 years here in america. However, this year will be its last.

2021 Toyota Land Cruiser Release Date

2021 Toyota Land Cruiser Release Date

What You Have to Get From 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser

That’s right here in the u.s at least land cruiser will meet its demise at the end of this model year. So with that being said, let’s, review and say farewell to this icon, so the land cruiser has always had a certain 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser look, basically very tough, but also rather subdued, and that does continue for its last model year.


Of course, so up in the front we have that classic look. It does have some body colored inserts as well as chrome, trim through it and around it, and then that chrome does extend over here to your headlights as well. Now these lights are pretty much fully led. Your high beams, your low beams and your daytime running light. However, your turn signal is incandescent and then down below you will notice led fog lights as well.

Now, of course, i do have to speak about your ground clearance, because this is a 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser after all, and we do have 8.9 inches of ground clearance and continuing the traditional design. We have our 18 inch alloy wheels. Of course, they just have a more basic design, and then we also have that paired with some all-terrain tires.

Now, if you want to get the heritage edition, that will continue to have the bronze colored wheels and then moving up here to our mirrors. They come fully loaded as you’d, expect for this price point, so we have power folding. We have auto dimming heating and blind spot monitoring all right. So let’s, go ahead and check out the rear design of this iconic land cruiser now, what’s going on back here?

It’s. You know, obviously not quite as flashy as what you get in a lexus lx has that subtle, but very distinct land cruiser, look that it’s had for the past many years now, as far as what’s actually included in that Design we have this chrome piece that goes through the tail lights has land cruiser embossed in it, and then the tail lights themselves are going to be partially led.

As you can see, the brake light portion is led. However, the turn signal and reverse light are both incandescent and then dropping down. You’re, not going to have a very exposed exhaust, but you do have one outlet here on the left side as well as you’ll notice, our tow hitch and the maximum tow rating is going to be 8.100 pounds.

2021 Toyota Land Cruiser Performance

2021 Toyota Land Cruiser Performance

For this land cruiser, so while many parts of this 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser are more old school than new school, the safe systems are not going to be one of those because it is going to include every single one of them standard on all the land cruiser models. That’s, going to include ford emergency, braking and pedestrian detection, lane keeping assist adaptive cruise control and your auto high beam headlamps, but anyway, guys that sums up the exterior design of this iconic land cruiser.


Llike most aspects of the 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser there’s, not a great deal of choices when it comes to material and color options. So what you get standard is fine, semi-aniline leather, in your choice of this black or a terracotta color. And if you choose that heritage edition, it will have bronze accenting throughout the cabin now turning over here to your door trim, you will find nice materials up here, so you have leather across the armrest as well as above it.

You have more open, pour walnut wood trim through here, and the top part will be padded. As you can see, you have standard three-person memory, seating and all four windows are one touch auto up and down checking out these seats.

These are 10-way power, adjusting with two-way lumbar support and then, like i was already mentioning. These are semi-aniline leather seats, really lovely feeling leather. This is some of the finest loader you can get in any type of vehicle and they’re extremely comfortable as well now to get inside.

You have fixed running boards as well as an assist grip. Now, of course, at this price point you would expect the cabin to be very nice, and indeed it is so across our upper dash. This can be finished in a soft touch plastic as well as this area below that we have some open, pore, walnut wood trim and then toilet trims.

This area and a leatherette material with color contrast stitching down below here you have some hard touch materials, but everything In here, of course, feels very durable and very rugged now start up put your foot on the brake and press the standard button.

2021 Toyota Land Cruiser Interior

2021 Toyota Land Cruiser Interior

Now the 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser, of course, is a decidedly analog kind of truck, which is why you do have analog gauges as well. They have a really clean and classy look to them and then right there in the middle, you have your 4.2 inch multi-function display.

This contains a lot of different kinds of information, including some off-road information as well. Now, coming back to the steering wheel, of course we have a nice leather, wrapped steering wheel. It does have the open pore, walnut wood that traces, the top and the bottom, and then you do have a faux stitching here on the airbag cover. As far as the wheel itself, it is going to be power, tilt and telescoping, as well as heated all right.

So now let’s, go ahead and talk about interior storage. Of course, this is a big SUV. You expect that you have plenty of storage, starting with our center console. This opens in two parts, so the top card has just a little bit of storage, so you can stick a small object.

However, when we open up the main area, this is where you will, find a really large sensor console or you can choose to get this model’s cool box, so this can be used as a refrigerator. It does limit the space. A little bit, but it’s still very large and can definitely fit some soft drinks or something like that in there. And if you want to keep your coupons, nice and cool, you can stick those in there as well.

Now, in front of that, we have our two cup holders and then up in the front. If you press this, you’ll fold. This will fold down and you’ll notice, a big slot here. This actually is a wireless phone charging pad, so you can stick your phone in there and you also have a 12 volt outlet as well as usb and aux jack, now sliding back here to the shifter.

This is just a traditional gated style. Shifter pull back for drive you can bump over here to the left. If you want to do some manual shifting, however, there are no paddle shifters and then heading into reverse. Just like most of the equipment on this truck, you do have a standard, 360 degree. Camera system, as you can tell, has a pretty nice resolution. You’ve got both your views there and you can also change to a wide view as well.

Then, right next to that, you have your traditional style handbrake. Now all around the shifter. We have a lot of buttons, it basically looks like i don’t, know an airplane or something with all the buttons you have, but this is related, of course, to your off-road systems.

I’m, not going to talk about what each button individually does, but i’ll. Just let get let you guys get a good look at your different 4-wheel drive controls your crawl mode stuff, like that blocking differentials all that’s, going to be located right here in this one control panel now up in front of the shifter.

You have some stuff related to comfort. This is going to be your standard three stage here seats, your standard three stage, ventilated seats, both automatic, and you also have the heated steering wheel that i mentioned all right now.

2021 Toyota Land Cruiser Transmission

2021 Toyota Land Cruiser Transmission

That brings us up here to our large volume and tune knobs um. So what we’ve got on board. Is your jbl synthesis sound system with 14 speakers that is, of course standard equipment? So we’ll, go ahead and give it a sample. so overall, sound quality is definitely very strong on this system. Okay, now, above that, i will point out: you have a cd player so for those of you guys who still like that and then right around that we have our four zone automatic climate control system, so it’s, definitely cool to see that many Zones on board very simple to use.

Of course, you’re, just going to use these toggles to adjust your temperature, which will show up right there. I will say some of your features like your fan speeds, though you do have to hit the climate button and make those adjustments up here in the display, and speaking of that display, let’s, go ahead and get talking about that.

So this is a 9 inch display, so toyota has opted. Since this is the last model, you have the 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser in the u.s to not update this um. So this will continue with the older style in tune system um. It does have integrated navigation. However, you will be missing both android, auto and apple carplay. Now, jumping up above that we have a standard frameless, auto dimming mirror with three homework universal remotes built into it up top.

Here we have some uh what it’s, not touch sensitive and then over here we do also have a standard sized moon roof. As you can see, it does open up nice and large. We have a wind blocker and we also have a very nice and soft headliner alrighty guys.

So i’m in the 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser, rear seat. Of course. This is such an iconic vehicle. You probably already know what this rear seat is like, but it’s very luxurious, as the price tag of course would suggest. Now let’s. Talk about the space. First, though, as far as the legroom figures are concerned, you’re, going to come in at 34.4, inches of your leg, room 39 inches of rear headroom. As far as how that compares to its rivals, this really doesn’t have any rivals.

But if you compare it to like a large luxury, three row, of course, that’s, going to be a lot less space. But this is an iconic vehicle, so this is just what it is. Now behind your seam position, i have, i would say, seven inches of your leg room and, as far as my feet, sliding up underneath the seat.

2021 Toyota Land Cruiser Change

2021 Toyota Land Cruiser Change

That’s, actually not going to happen. Since we do have the high floor and as you can see, i don’t really have great thigh support back here, but as far as the features go there’s. A lot of them so here in the center, we do have vents if we drop down below that.

We also have our four zone climate control, so each rear passenger back here can adjust their own climate. We also have standard two-stage heated, rear seats and then dropping further below that we do have an hdmi outlet and then at the very bottom we have a 12-volt power outlet.

Now you’re, probably wondering why we have the hdmi outlet and that’s, because we also have the optional rear seat entertainment system on this model. It includes these dual 11.6 inch displays with wireless headphones, that’s, going to be a 2200 option on this 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser all right guys.

So let’s, go ahead and check out the 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser. Third row now in order to get back here uh, you just find this little lever here, pull it once and it does fold it as well as lift it out of the way. Now let’s, go ahead and get back into the third row. All right um, so, as you probably expected, this is not the best third row. This is certainly not like a bmw, x7 or mercedes gls. This isn’t very comfortable.

That said, you can fit three people back here. If you need it – and you know, the thigh support is obviously not great. The leg room’s, not great. My feet can’t slide up under the seat, but toyota does give you two cupholders on each side as well as vents and some lighting up top now walking up to the tailgate.

The uniqueness is going to continue. Obviously this is a unique vehicle through and through, and that’s also going to go here for the tailgate, so you’re, not going to have hands-free or anything like that, but it is power.

So if you push this, you’ll notice that the top part does slowly slowly open. But you also have this part that kind of folds down, so it’s, a two-part opening tailgate. Some of you may like that for tailgating or whatnot. Now, as far as the space itself is concerned, it’s, going to have 16 cubic feet of space behind the third row, seats that expands to 43 cubic feet. If you fold them and as a maximum, you have a little over 80 cubic feet of space.

2021 Toyota Land Cruiser Cargo Space

2021 Toyota Land Cruiser Cargo Space

Now, of course, that’s, also not as big as like a x7 or gls, but certainly enough for most people’s needs now. As far as the features are concerned, we do have some storage here in the tailgate itself and then i do also want to point out for the third row.

It’s not going to be power folding, unlike the lexus lx. This is a manual folding setup and i tried to do it and it’s pretty difficult to do so. Just keep that in mind and off to the left side. We do have a household style now, as you would expect out of an expensive suv like this.

You do have a power adjusting passenger seat with all of your adjustments, then, if we open up the glove box um, this is a pretty decently sized glovebox. I mean it’s, not the biggest thing i’ve ever seen, but it’s Definitely enough to fit our coupons in.

2021 Toyota Land Cruiser Specification

So you actually have two different sun visors, so you can have it here on the side as well as in the front, all right and there you go. You have got your big burly v8. So this has the 5. 7 liter. V8. 381 horsepower 401 pound feet of torque, so obviously those are good power figures and it certainly gets this up to speed nicely, even though this is nearly 6 000 pounds. So this is a very heavy suv.

It’s, basically like a tank rolling around on wheels. So it really is a good thing that they put a big v8 in here, because it does get up to speed reasonably well. It’s, not going to like blow your mind. This is certainly not like a x7 m50i or something like that, but it’s. It’s adequate for sure. Compared to the v8 engine, you have an 8-speed automatic transmission. This is a really nice transmission, very smooth and refined.

2021 Toyota Land Cruiser Specification

2021 Toyota Land Cruiser Specification

It shifts out nicely you basically don’t, really even notice it, so that definitely goes with kind of the luxury of driving this on the road itself and of course, you also have a very sophisticated four-wheel drive system as well yeah.

Now he was talking about the luxury side of things now, obviously, in addition to all of its off-road prowess, this also is very luxurious. So we will get a sound level reading going 55 miles per hour, so we can compare to some of its rivals and we’re, going to be sitting at 55.2 decibels. That’s, a really good reading, that’s on par with the luxury vehicles that we test for sure, and now is a good time as any to mention on on street.

I do want to talk about the fact that you have pretty considerable brake dive as well as um nose lift when you accelerate, just due to the suspension, of course, being very off-road minded. It is soft um, so you you do have that characteristic going on a little bit, but i’m sure it’s, something that you would get used to driving a day-to-day yeah. Now you may be curious as to what the fuel economy is going to be for this big 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser.

Well, it’s not going to be good, certainly not good, but it’s rated at 13 city 17. Highway 14 combined since it’s only available in four-wheel drive that’s. Your only fuel economy across the land cruiser lineup uh, so you will be definitely paying a pretty penny at the pump.

That said, i don’t believe this car requires premium fuel, so you will at least save on that front um compared to like a luxury vehicle like a bmw or mercedes, and you have a very handy eco indicator here in the gauge cluster, so That you can monitor uh, you know and hyper-mile your 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser.

How much the 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser Price?

You know this is the last model year. I think we have to celebrate just how iconic this vehicle is just how capable it is just how luxurious it is. It really is just a unique truck that you know it’s really going to leave a gaping hole in everyone’s heart and in the auto market in general.

Now going along with that, the air ball today is going to be the price, because, unfortunately, the reason i guess toyota is getting rid of it is because they didn’t sell too many of these, and i’d, say a lot Of that has to do with the price tag of it.

2021 Toyota Land Cruiser Price

2021 Toyota Land Cruiser Price

2021 Toyota Land Cruiser not cheap by any means. So it starts at $85.655 bucks heritage edition is going to be $87.995.. Now this one, when you add the destination charge, is going to come in just a touch under 90 um, so that’s, clearly why it is today’s.