2022 Honda Civic Sedan – Is This Compact Car PERFECTION??

2022 Honda Civic Sedan – So there are a few vehicles out there that can claim to be as popular as the honda civic, which has sold over 12.1 million units in its 10 generation lifespan. This is a vehicle that nearly every person in america has been in at some point, which is why it’s such a big deal every time, honda redesigns it and that’s, exactly what we are standing next to right now, the All-New, civic sedan, which is promising to take the model to new heights with design technology and driving dynamics.

2022 Honda Civic Sedan Color

2022 Honda Civic Sedan Color

What You Have to Get From 2022 Honda Civic Sedan

So did they succeed in making the best civic? Yet let’s, jump right into the review and find out [, Music ]. So, starting out here with the brand new design of this next generation, civic, i think the best way to describe it is that it has a more mature and sophisticated design.


That kind of seems like the 2022 Honda Civic Sedan grew up so up here in the front, is a good place to demonstrate that, because you previously had a large, really blacked out, grill, look very sporty and aggressive. This new generation goes for a much simpler, cleaner approach, mostly body colored through here, though you do have this small area here, which is just a blacked out straight line trim, and then you have the trapezoidal lower fascia through here now moving over here to your headlights.

These are also very clean and classy looking. These are actually going to be full led across every single version of the new civic, including your daytime running light, and your turn signal indicator plus. If you choose this fully loaded touring model that will also throw in led fog lamps moving next to our wheel options, you do have a few choices. The very base lx is going to come standard with a 16 inch steel wheel with hub caps.

The ex trim level will come with a 17 inch alloy and then the sport model, as well as this touring model. Those will come with 18 inch. Alloys though they do have different finishes, as you can see, with this touring, we have the special shark gray finish, which looks very nice.

Now, as we carry on to our mirrors, you will notice that’s, going to be body colored on most models. It will be blacked out on the sport model and then, as far as the technology here on the ex trim level and above we have heating and a brand new 2022 Honda Civic Sedan feature which is blind spot monitoring.

As you know, that was previously not available. So that is new to the civic, as well as a rear cross traffic alert which will be on the touring trim level. So here we are at the side of the all new civic and i do want to point a few things out.

2022 Honda Civic Sedan Safety Feature

2022 Honda Civic Sedan Safety Feature

You have a single body line, going all the way into the back, which gives it a more classy look than the previous model, and it does have more typical sedan light proportions, and i also want to point out that they brought the a pillar back about two Inches on this civic sedan, to give it that more rear drive proportion coming our around the back, we also have window trim on the top, not the bottom and then working our way around to the all-new rear design with the civic.

It just has a very classy and tasteful look that was kind of missing from the previous generation model. The previous generation is a lot more sporty. This just has an elegant and tasteful. Look to it now, as far as what you’re, going to get for the touring.

We do have these led tail lights, they’re, led accented, and then you have an led brake light portion. However, your turn signal and reverse light are still going to be incandescent. Then, if we drop down here to the lower fascia area, we’re, not going to have exposed exhaust outlets, but it does have a nice body color design.

Now, as far as these safety systems are concerned, with this all-new 2022 Honda Civic Sedan, you are going to get all of them standard equipment, which is great news. Considering this vehicle’s price point, so it’s, going to be ford, emergency, braking and pedestrian detection, as well as auto high beams adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assist now.

Additionally, if you ball out for that fully loaded touring model, you will get automatic braking control and a new traffic jam assistant, but anyway, guys that’s. Wrapping up the exterior design for this all-new civic, as you can tell it, has a more tasteful and classy approach.


As you can see 2022 Honda Civic Sedan little bit smaller and a little bit rounder – and this is the intelligent entry system – it is included on the sport trim level and above as well as this remote start now to get inside the vehicle itself. There is a sensor behind the handle so just grab behind, and it will all right and taking a look inside of this cabin.

As you can see, we have a really really large change a total ground up redesign. All the elements in here are totally new and definitely has a very clean and sophisticated look to it. That reminds me a bit of the accord. Now we’ll, go ahead and talk about your interior, color and material options to start out with.

So you’re, going to have a cloth seat on your lx trim through the ex trim level and then, when you get this top in touring model, that’s where you’ll get the leather seat. Our touring model is available with black leather or a gray option as well. Now, turning over here to your door trim, you’ll, see the same very nice materials reflected up here.

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So we have a leather covered armrest with the double color contrast stitching. As well as leather above it, the top part is going to be soft touch. We do have a nice piano black accent, a metallic finish door handle, and then we also have some faux carbon fiber.

2022 Honda Civic Sedan Interior

2022 Honda Civic Sedan Interior

That runs around the window. Switches which are one touch auto up and down for the driver and the passenger. Taking a look over here at the adjustments for the seats they’re gonna be eight-way power. Adjusting on this model, the lower trims will be six-way manual.

2022 Honda Civic Sedan do not have a power lumbar, however, and then, like i was mentioning. We have a real leather seat. Very nice design, clean classy, pretty simple. We do have the double color contrast stitching and nice perforation in the middle.

You do get a nice little greeting when you hop inside and then taking a look around this cabin. Very impressed really makes a strong first impression. Just by how nice everything looks and then the material quality is again at the top end of the clasp.

Just like the previous generation so across our upper dash, this is going to be finished with a soft touch plastic. As we move down to this lower area, we have a piano black trim as well as this really cool vent design. I absolutely love this. You have basically one continuous vent underneath of this kind of metal.

Shell here really looks fantastic and you can control the vent directions with these little toggles here, but coming back to the materials themselves again, more soft touch plastic through here, as we come down to our lower areas. This is going to be hard touch. However, this area with the faux carbon fiber and all this through here fits together extremely well in that typical way that we expect from honda now to start up. Every single version of the civic will have a push button start and coming back to the unexpectedly premium.

2022 Honda Civic Sedan In-car Entertainment

2022 Honda Civic Sedan In-car Entertainment

Cabin this is one of those elements that really fits into that category. What you’re looking at is the 2022 Honda Civic Sedan first, full digital 10.2 inch gauge cluster. This is included on just the touring trim level. The other trim levels are going to come with a half digital 7 inch display and then an analog gauge on the other side. But this one here uh is very, very nice. You have a lot of customizability and little cool details like the fact that the little civic does mirror exactly what you’re doing.

So i’m pressing the brake, using the turn signal. As you can see, all that stuff shows up, and it also shows your lane, as you drive, to keep you in the center come over here on this side, you can scroll through all the typical kinds of information, but you also have some additional abilities like to Customize the display.

So i can go into gauge design here, go into the bar design, as you can see, it all changes, and we have a very focused look at our entertainment, which minimizes the speed and stuff like that off to the side and, furthermore, the color Arrangements do change as you switch into different drive modes like how i just switched into sport now pulling back here to the steering wheel.

We do have a new steering wheel designed for this 2022 Honda Civic Sedan. It is going to be leather wrapped on the sport trim level and above we have the nice piano accents through there. As far as the wheel itself, it is going to be manual tilt and telescoping across all of the models.

Heating is not available in the us. However, i do imagine it will continue to be offered in canada, okay, so let’s, go ahead and dig next into interior storage. Now this is another area we’ve, seen some pretty big changes. So if you remember, the outgoing generation had a very unconventional but very practical center console arrangement. This has actually gone to a more traditional look this year, so we have a regular center console here.

2022 Honda Civic Sedan Transmission

2022 Honda Civic Sedan Transmission

This is very large, though, opening it up, we can get rid of that and you’ll notice. This has as much space as the average mid-size sedan and we’ll. Stick our big stack of coupons in here, because we got to put it to the test wow very impressed.

We don’t even have to really fold these coupons to fit them in. So this is definitely uh, just a touch below the accord. Actually, from that, we’ve got two deep cup holders and then the very front. We have another large storage area. This does double as a wireless phone charging pad on this top and touring, and then we ‘ Ve got our traditional connections. Right above them now coming back here to the shifter, this is just a traditional style, shifter very easy to use.

You’re, just going to pull back to d for drive coming up here. If you choose the sport trim level or the touring that’s, going to get you paddle shifters on the wheel for simulated shifting and then when we head into reverse, we do have a standard backup camera on board with active trajectory as well as Several different views that we can choose between uh there’s, not going to be any like 360 degree option uh like what is offered and a couple of the rivals: mazda 3 and nissan central is what comes to mind, and i will say the Resolution is a little grainy.

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However, it is a pretty nice overall backup, camera and then right behind that that’s, where you’re, going to find your electronic parking brake with your brake hold. You also find your drive mode controller and the button to turn on off your auto start.

Stop system now, jumping on up from that that takes us to our climate controls. So every single 2022 Honda Civic Sedan is going to come with an automatic climate control setup for this new generation. However, if you choose the ex or this touring that’s, going to throw in the dual zone automatic climate control setup operating, this is very simple.

We have these three large knobs to adjust their temperature and fan speeds. I am happy to say these are the same: really nice high quality and clicky sounding knobs that you get in the accord, so they feel very premium and then off to the side of that.

I’ll, go ahead and declare this is one of the best sounding sound systems. I’ve ever heard in a compact sedan, all right. So now that brings our attention next to our display here. So you’re, probably noticing this looks quite large, and that’s, because this is the upgraded display so on the touring, only you have a nine inch display which actually the largest used in the entire honda lineup.

2022 Honda Civic Sedan Change

2022 Honda Civic Sedan Change

This is running all the latest honda software as well, and if you choose one of the lower trim levels that’s going to come with a 7-inch display instead, now i want to talk about a couple exclusive features for this larger display. One of those is your built-in navigation system, which i’m, pulling up right now, as you can see that’s what that looks like, but, more importantly, to a lot of people, i’ll click into that right there.

This is android auto and it is running wirelessly. So if you choose the larger display, you’re, going to have wireless android, auto and wireless apple carplay. The smaller display will use the wired variants of both of those moving above that we do have a frameless, auto dimming mirror with three homelink universal remotes on the touring trim level.

We have a sunglass holder and we also have our controls for the power sunroof. This is actually included on both the ex and the touring drum models, civics rear seat. Now, with this all new model, you’re, not going to have any additional space, but the really good thing about that is that the 2022 Honda Civic Sedan was already one of the most spacious offerings you could ever get in the segment.

So we’re still looking at 37 inches of both leg, room and headroom, which, like i mentioned, does place it above. The main rivals like the toyota corolla, and you know above something like a hyundai elantra as well. So, as far as behind receiving position, i have, i would say, a solid five inches of rear legroom. My feet can slide up underneath the seat, so i’m really comfortable back here and honestly. It kind of feels like a midsize sedan in this civic’s, rear seat.

Now, turning our attention towards the features the touring model is going to throw in these dual usb ports. They are charging usbs. However, you’re, not going to have any vents, and i do want to point out that they have eliminated the heated rear seats for the touring civic and then, if we drop down the central armrest, we do have cup holders inside now.

Walking up to the trunk area of the civic just push the button to open it up and they have dampened it really nicely. So if you opened up via the fob, i mean it’s almost like having a power trunk. Now, as far as the space itself is in here, you’re, going to have 14.8 cubic feet of space. That’s. Actually, down 0.3 cubic feet from the outgoing civic, however, that’s, not going to be a large amount of space that you’re, going to really notice the difference, and it still does place this civic.

2022 Honda Civic Sedan Cargo Space

2022 Honda Civic Sedan Cargo Space

Above all, the main rivals like the elantra, the nissan sentra and the corolla, so you’re, going to have plenty of space for everything back here there’s, a nice carpeting along the floor. If we lift it up, there is a spare tire.I do also want to point out that if you go for one of the higher end models that’s, going to have 60, 40 split folding rear seats. And if you go for that, lx trim. It’s going to fold in a single piece.

Now your passenger seat on the touring model is actually going to be power. Adjusting that’s, something you don’t, see all that common in this segment and then, if we open up the glove box once again, it is very nicely dampened.

It’s, not massive in size, but it is perfectly fine to fit our coupons. You wouldn’t think we would leave lexington without our coupons and we certainly didn’t and they fit in here, just fine and then up top. We do have a sun visor with a light, as well as a mirror, and we can detach and extend all right nice, so there we are accelerating up to about 60 miles per hour with this all new generation of the 2022 Honda Civic Sedan.

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2022 Honda Civic Sedan Specification

So, as far as the power training situation is concerned, uh, it’s actually very similar to the outgoing generation with the same two engines. So we have two liter engine on your lower two trim levels and then on your upper two trim levels.

You have the 1.5 liter turbo four-cylinder that’s. What we have today and that’s. Gon na be making 180 horsepower 177 pound-feet of torque. That has been revised slightly, so we are up eight horsepower and up 15 pound feet of torque.

I feel strong, yeah yeah. This is uh from driving this around for the last couple days, definitely a very spunky motor and it feels plenty powerful in a you know: small application, like this 2022 Honda Civic Sedan, so let’s talk about the transmission we ‘ Ve got a contingency variable transmission on board. There is no manual option for the sedan anymore um, which is a little unfortunate. However, honda has confirmed that that upcoming hatchback model will be offered with a six-speed manual.

2022 Honda Civic Sedan Specification

2022 Honda Civic Sedan Specification

So if you want to shift your own, you will be able to do that in that future product. That being said, they have made some improvements to the CVT. You probably noticed one of those improvements which is a shift simulation. So if you’re heavy on the throttle, we do get a shift simulation so that’s. That’s. Definitely pretty nice uh to have that and just gives you a little bit more of an authentic feel, but otherwise you know this is a really good cbt, anyways uh, very responsive, especially around town.

It’s tuned. To really give you like a nice spunky start, which makes this feel more powerful than it is yeah, and i will get a sound level reading going 55. The road is quite rough, so i wouldn’t expect this to be too quiet but yeah. I was going to throw it off a little bit. I think 59.5 uh, i say subtract about three three decibels off of that uh, because the road is quite rough right. I’m, not mistaken.

The last civic, though we did on a much smoother road, was above 60 right. It was indeed so we can confirm. This is quieter. Honda did add uh, you know sound insulation, especially with this touring. This one has more sound insulation than the other trim levels and just some general refinements to really help the noise vibration and harshness of this new generation, and it just rides really really good.

The seats are really comfortable um, honestly, it kind of rides like a glass above wood, so that was our auto start. Stop system engaging right there. That is something to note. It is new to both of the engines uh on the civic, and we’ll talk about this in just a little bit, but it does help the fuel economy, yeah yeah, but let’s, go ahead and get into the dynamics of This because mason kind of started to talk about it, but they are stellar uh.

Frankly, the 2022 Honda Civic Sedan has always been just right up there, as the with the mazda 3. Basically has the best and this here it’s, even better than before i mean it seems crazy that they ‘ Ve actually made this better, but it really just stands far apart from the appliance competitors that are mostly out there uh as we go around some of the corners, you’ll, see just how flat it corners like it’s really impressive.

Fuel efficiency

You know just a few things since this should be on the touring right, since this is going for a more premium feel now. It makes me miss the premium features a little more than even the last generation alrighty and let’s, go ahead and talk about the fuel economy, so this touring model is going to be coming in at 31, 38, 34 miles a gallon combined.

If you go for the ex that’s, kind of the best fuel economy at 36, miles a gallon combined and then the two liter engines are right around that exact same range. So you’re, really, not sacrificing anything for going for the more powerful turbo engine.Actually, in some cases you’ll be better and that’s, just really good fuel economy.

It’s, excellent. It’s, top of the segment uh to get 35 36 miles an hour, yeah 42 on the highway.  Another area that i’m very impressed with would be the price, because honda hasn’t actually increased the civic very much in terms of price, despite the extra equipment that you’re getting and all that.

How much the 2022 Honda Civic Sedan Price?

So 2022 Honda Civic Sedan, starting at $21,700 for the lx, and then, if you go for the touring, it’s, going to be $28.300, which is an only 200 increase over last year. This one, when we add in the 995 destination, is going to be 29 295 bucks, but all in all it’s really hard to find anything negative to say about this new generation of the 2022 Honda Civic Sedan.

2022 Honda Civic Sedan Price

2022 Honda Civic Sedan Price

The previous generation was out for six years and, as we spoke about in our last review of the civic, even at six years old, it was still at the top of the class. So when we they redesigned the model, we were really wondering. Can they actually improve? On it, or are they going to move backwards in some ways?

I’m happy to say they have not moved backwards in any way that i can detect. This is really just a nice step forward that improves on all the strengths of the 2022 Honda Civic Sedan, while also now adding like a more mature appearance, a more sophisticated cabin and much much better technology, and not even costing more.