2022 Hyundai Tucson -This Stylish Hyundai Hits HARD at the Competition!

2022 Hyundai Tucson – Over the past few years, as crossovers have shifted into prominence in the marketplace. The tucson has become more and more important to the hyundai brand. It has been for the last couple years, their best selling product, which is why they have gone all in on this all new 2022 tucson, as you can probably already tell it -‘s, packing a lot of style as well as a ton of new Features aimed squarely at the segment leaders, but does it have what it takes to take down rav4 and crv?

2022 Hyundai Tucson Release Date

2022 Hyundai Tucson Release Date

What You Have to Get From 2022 Hyundai Tucson

Now one of the big things that hyundai likes to do is make all of their models look unique from each other, so this new 2022 Hyundai Tucson is utilizing what they call the parametric design language and it’s. Certainly very very bold from the second.


You walk up to it. There’s, just a lot of sharp angles and just different types of shapes all throughout the vehicle, especially up here in the front. So let’s start out with this grille. As you can see, it takes up most of the front end design on this limited trim level. Specifically, we do have the high gloss finish, which also blacks out the 2022 Hyundai Tucson branding as well. But then, as we come over here, hyundai is becoming the new audi with all their advanced lighting technologies.

They’ve, seamlessly integrated in the daytime running light into the grill. So when this is off, it actually just looks like a continuation of the grill, but when it’s on you have all these different segments so make it look truly like nothing else on the road up at the top you have got your led turn signal and then down below this is where your main headlight cluster is.

These are going to be full led on every single trim level. The reflector leds on most of the models, but projector leds with this limited so complementing the bold geometric design are, of course, bold geometric wheels. So these are 19 inch alloy wheels. These actually are going to be included on the sel with convenience package and, above so that’s, going to be the majority of models. Get these really nice looking wheels.

The se and sel are going to come standard with a 17 inch alloy and then the inline model, which that’s, going to come out in a future date. But that will also have 19 inch alloys. And we’ll review that when it does come out now, moving up here to our mirrors, 2022 Hyundai Tucson does nicely include heating and blind spot monitoring on all but the base model.

And then, with the limited trim level, we have the nice silver accent now before we get around to the all new rear design. I want to point out a few things here. At the side, now you’re, probably noticing how unique and cool this exterior looks and that’s because they have done a really a lot of complex designs and shapes to really give that angular.

Look as you can see, we have two body lines intersecting here and creating a third body line that goes up, and then we have another one here, so they’ve, really done a lot with the design. Now, as far as the length is concerned, it’s up over six inches over the previous generation 2022 Hyundai Tucson, so that’s, going to.

Of course, benefit you a lot in the interior space which we will talk about here in a second And i also want to point out that roof rails are going to be standing on the sel trims and higher, and you’re, also going to have this silver piece, which has a pretty cool, look now looking at the rear design itself.

2022 Hyundai Tucson Change

2022 Hyundai Tucson Change

Once again, this is a very cool and unique look. It’s, definitely eye catching and whether you like that or not is going to be up to you, i personally really like it in person and looking at the tail lights. These have a fang design, they are going to be led full length and then up here you’re noticing we have a hyundai emblem that’s like integrated into the glass i’ve, really never seen that on a Vehicle before and dropping down, we have this silver diffuser area that’s, going to be on the limited model.

Only and if you go for the inline, you’re going to have exposed exhaust and all the 2022 Hyundai Tucson. Can tow 2 000 pounds now as far as your safety systems, the 2022 Hyundai Tucson is going to come standard with three out of four of them on that base model, so that’s, going to be forward emergency braking with pedestrian detection, auto high beam headlamps And lane keeping assist if you go for the sel trimmer higher, that’s, going to throw in adaptive cruise control as well.

Now, additionally, if you go for the limited trim that will also throw in rear, auto braking as well as the smart park assistant, well guys that’s, going to conclude the exterior design of this all new 2022 Hyundai Tucson. Obviously, as you can tell, it has a really unique, exterior design curious to see what’s on the inside.


Without this keep pop, but with a fob just come up to the door reach behind it. There is a sensor all right and taking a look inside of this. Cabin really makes a strong first impression because it has a design language that looks very upscale.

It also looks very different from what you get in other hyundai products, as well as other vehicles in this class. I want to start off by going ahead and talking about the different interior material color options, so your se and your sel, they’re, going to come standard with cloth, seating and then here on the limited trim level that’s, where We get the full leather seating.

This is also available if you choose the sel with premium package as well and then, as far as your color options, you’re, going to have black gray or beige most likely. Although the final color options have not been confirmed now, turning over here to your door trim, you have a lot of different kinds of materials.

So you notice we have a leather covered armrest here with the color contrast stitching detail above that we have some piano black Trim, we have a light, colored trim, we have a cloth trim that runs through here, some piano black and it is soft touch along the top.

Definitely a very nice and aesthetically appealing. Look through this piano black. You’ll notice right integrated into that is the two person memory seating for this limited only and then, as far as your windows are gonna, be one touch auto up and down for the driver and the passenger only now heading down here to Your seats, these are eight-way power, adjusting with two-way lumbar support.

2022 Hyundai Tucson Interior

2022 Hyundai Tucson Interior

This will be included on all, but the base model, which has a manual seat and then checking out the seats themselves like i was mentioning this limited, does throw in the real leather seating has a really nice design. It is perforated, as you can see, in a lot of different types of stitching. I can also personally attest from driving this for pretty much the whole day. Definitely a very soft and comfortable seat as well.

Let’s, go ahead and look around at our different interior materials and see just how upscale this limited is so across our upper dash. This is going to be finished in a soft touch plastic. As we move down you’ll see the interesting design.

Language does take effect, so we kind of have this swooping design. That goes right in with the vents and goes into the door trim. We also have a cloth trim, which i think is a very nice and modern touch that does also continue to the door trim as well coming down through here.

This will be finished in a piano black. It’s, not padded along here, so it is going to be hard touch, but everything does fit together extremely well and feels very solid. Now, in all about the very base, sc put your foot on the brake and press the standard button to start so right as soon as it starts up, your attention will probably be drawn to this digital gauge cluster, because that’s, simply something you Usually don’t see in this category vehicle, so this comes on the sel with convenience package and above and it’s ten and a quarter inches.

Obviously this is going to be reconfigurable and the design itself does change as you switch to different types of drive modes as you can see, and then, of course, just like any multi-function display, you can change all kinds of information inside of the main thing now i Do want to point out uh.

It does also when you choose the limited trim, throw in the blind view monitor. So when you turn, you know your signal to the right. You’re to have that live camera feed to the right, as well as to the left. So certainly, a very cool feature that i’m glad to see 2022 Hyundai Tucson is bringing down to their lower price products.

Now pulling back to the steering wheel, we do have hyundai’s latest four spoke design. It is going to be nicely leather, wrapped on the sel convenience and above and as far as the wheel itself.  It’s, going to be manual tilt and telescoping heating will be thrown in with the limited trim level, as well as rain sense wipers. But anyways let’s, go ahead and put this storage to the test, because that’s very, very important for this segment of vehicle.

So we’ll, start out underneath our center console, you’re, just going to press that little button to release the lid and when you do, you’ll notice, a really nicely sized storage area very deep plenty of space and there is a felt lining at the bottom: let’s, get our thick stack of coupons out, though, and really see how it stacks up.

Yeah. It does a really good job compared to the competition plenty of space uh to stick those coupons and it could fit really a lot more of them as well. Up in front of that, we ‘ Ve got our two cup holders in the very front. Here we have a very deep uh. This does double as a wireless phone charging pad on most of the models, and then you have got your traditional connections through there and, furthermore, you have some storage on both sides of this console as well.

2022 Hyundai Tucson Cargo Space

2022 Hyundai Tucson Cargo Space

Let’s. Talk about the shifter because it’s a little bit interesting with this um gas powered 2022 Hyundai Tucson. So with this model, you actually have a physical, traditional shifter on all the trim levels, except for this limited. This is the only model that’s, going to come with this push button style and then all the hybrids come with the push button style, of course, to operate. This is the same as what you’ve, seen in other hyundai products.

So you’re. Just going to press down on the d to drive. Hyundai is throwing in paddle shifters on the steering wheel as well, and then you press on the r4 reverse once you do, that you’ll, see a really nice. Looking 360 degree camera system fire up, this is going to be limited exclusive and, as you can see, it takes up this large display really well with both views. You do have, of course, active trajectory front, rear parking, sensors and then you can switch through a few different views right with those buttons off on the side.

Then, for park you’re, just going to press the p right there and back behind that. You have a standard, electronic parking, brake and brake hold function. Now continuing with this unique interior design up in the front of this kind of floating console, we have our controls for our seats, so 2022 Hyundai Tucson is actually nicely, including a heated seat as standard on all but the very base model, so that’s.

Certainly a nice touch and you can also get ventilated seats by choosing the limited or the sel with the premium package, and that, of course, is something that a number of the rivals are not offering. Now, above that, you ‘ Ll also find a dual zone: automatic climate control setup on all, but the base model. This is using a new touch capacitive panel, so it has a very sleek and modern. Look to it.

Of course actually, adjusting the temperature and stuff is very simple: you’re, just going to tap on the little buttons for your fans and whatnot. All the main functions are going to be located physically here, so you, don’t, have to dig around in the display, or anything like that, above that you also have some touch: capacitive controls for your audio systems.

That being said, uh you can take my word for it. It’s, a really nice sounding sound system in the future. Hopefully we’ll. Give you guys a sample of it? Okay. So now let’s. Take our attention to this main display, so what you’re. Looking at is the largest and most upgraded system, of course, with the limited. This is a 10.25 inch display versus the standard eight inch display, which will come on all the other trim levels. So you’re noticing right now.

Some of our main highlights with this larger display is the fact that you have the integrated navigation system and you also have split screen ability. So you can have extra information over here on the side. In addition – and you can collapse that if you want your navigation screen to take up the entire thing now, one thing i do want to point out, though, just like with other 2022 Hyundai Tucson and kia products, you have wireless android, auto wireless apple car plate with the 8 Inch display, so your lower interim levels will have that really cool technology.

But if you choose this top model with the larger display, you’re, going to lose that ability it’s, going to have wired, android, auto and wired apple carplay. So, just something to keep in mind when you’re choosing, which trim you want now moving on up here.

We do have a frameless, auto dimming, mirror with home link universal remotes, that’s, going to be sel, convenience and above and Then up here at the top, we have got a couple different choices when it comes to your moon roof. So if you choose the seo campaign or the premium model, that’s, going to throw in a conventional moon roof and then, if you want the panoramic one, you see right here that requires the limited trim all right guys.

Now, of course, the 2022 Hyundai Tucson is all about family, so this rear seat area is hugely important, and i’m very happy to say that there has been a large effort to make this very spacious and luxurious. Now let’s Talk about the space first, because that is probably the strongest suit for this tucson is the fact that it has 41 inches of your leg, ram 40 inches of rear headroom. So this actually best all of that of its main competition like the rav4, crv and rogue, and it’s really much almost as big as the santa fe.

So there is a ton of space back here behind your seating position. I would have probably 10 inches of your leg room. My feet can easily slide up underneath the seat, so lots of space and a lot of comfort. Now, as far as your features, we have vents that’s, going to be included on the sel trims and higher.

If we drop down, we have two charging usb ports and off on the door trim. We’re, also going to have two stage heated rear seats for this limited trim, obviously not super useful since we’re in the desert, but if you’re in a colder climate, that would be a very nice feature To have – and we can also fold down the center armrest to have cup holders inside now walking up to the 2022 Hyundai Tucson.

Tailgate, you’re, going to notice that we do have a hands-free smart one, so just walking up to the vehicle we’ll, go ahead and open the tailgate up. If you wait a few seconds that’s, gonna be included on the scl convenience trims and higher.

Now let’s go and talk about the space back here, though, because that is another really important aspect about this all new 2022 Hyundai Tucson. So you’re, going to have 39 cubic feet of space behind the second row seats that expands all the way up to 75 cubic feet, which is an over 15 cubic foot improvement over the previous generation model, and that now puts it at the Very top end of the segment.

I think the only one that’s higher is the honda crv, so that is very impressive and as far as how they finished it back here, we do have really nice carpeting along the floor. If we lift it up, we do have a spare tire, although it is worth noting.

If you go for the hybrid that is removed, and then we also have a 12 volt power outlet on the left side and you can fold the seat. 60. 40 split. So over here at the passenger seat, we do have power adjustment, which is quite nice, that’s, not offered on the rav4, and if we open up the glove box here very impressed by this you know the most important thing about any vehicle is The coupon test, so it passes this with flying colors, so a plus from car confections and up top we do have a sun visor with a large mirror.

2022 Hyundai Tucson Specification

It’s two and a half liters, and it’s. Making 187 horsepower 178 pound feet of torque, which is competitive numbers for the class yeah, probably just about right in the middle, although it is a little less than what you get out of like a rav4, though, definitely feels good yeah.

This feels pretty good. Um definitely gets up to speed um, and what i would imagine is that plenty sufficient for the average consumer in this segment. Definitely – and one thing i do want to point out – is that as compared to a rav4, i do think that this two and a half liter is quite a bit quieter.

2022 Hyundai Tucson Specification

2022 Hyundai Tucson Specification

So the rav4 has a kind of a coarse and loud engine that penetrates into the cabin. This has a more refined note, and i also noticed that less of the noise just comes in now. Of course, there are other powertrains that you can get with this 2022 Hyundai Tucson.

We will have a hybrid review coming soon, but they do have a hybrid offered here at launch and then there also will be a plug-in hybrid offered as well um, so that’s pretty exciting and that’s going to have about 30 miles of full ev range and also is going to be the most powerful tucson in the lineup yeah, not bad at all.

Now i want to go ahead and talk about the transmission, so we have an eight-speed automatic transmission on board. As you can see in the sport mode, aggressive area, surprisingly, you aggressive have paddle shifters as well.

If you want to do that in your tucson um, we have definitely a nice transmission. A lot of the competition, of course, is going to be giving you a continuously variable transmission, which, as we see with comments again and again on youtube, is not people’s desired transmission? Usually, you have, you know, drones, and it just generally contributes to the vehicle feeling more sluggish than it actually is.

But with this it’s. One of the few vehicles with a nice traditional automatic transmission – and it is gonna, come standard with front drive and you do have optional. All-Wheel drive alrighty guys. So let’s, go ahead and do air ball and slam dunk for the all-new 2022 Hyundai Tucson.

So drew will go ahead and start us out with the slam dunk yeah. For me, i feel like the slam dunk there’s a lot to like about this vehicle, but the cabin in general is really a slam dunk to me. I love the design it’s, really unique. It’s, not like anything else. Um it’s made with a lot of nice high quality materials as well. You’ve got like fabric inserts it’s, just kind of like classy it’s, chic and modern. Looking you have a lot of nice technology in here, um plenty of storage.

I mean they’re really, a struggle to find anything to complain about inside this cabin yeah and for the air ball. What i’m gonna say, is the fuel economy, so we haven’t touched on this yet, but i might as well just go ahead and read it off for you um.

So, with this gas powered model um, we’re gonna be coming in at 24, 29 26, which that is with the all-wheel drive. If you go for front drive, it’s 29 combined, but that is about two to three mpg. Worse than something like a toyota rav4 or a honda crv, and that’s very important in this segment, um and even the hybrid, is a little bit behind the comparative hybrid models for like the rav4 um, so not bad fuel economy.

But it is worse than some of the competition now, since we are out on a country road, i can’t take a second to talk about that um. I think this handles pretty well. Obviously this is not geared to be a sporty vehicle or anything like that, but you know just like with most of the competition at this point: they give it decent handling chops.

So, as you go around corners body control is nice. Steering, i think, has a really good weight to it, nice and responsive no dead spots, or anything like that. So you know. Overall, this is a vehicle you can get behind the wheel of and be totally comfortable with yeah and you know let’s go ahead and talk about the comfort as well, because that’s. Of course, this 2022 Hyundai Tucson. Mission is to be really comfortable for the family um, and i’m very impressed by the ride quality that they have thrown in here.

2022 Hyundai Tucson Price

2022 Hyundai Tucson Price

When we hit bumps, we’ve, been through some red rough patches, um, some cattle crossings and uh. It really soaks it up. Good um i’d, say this is better than most in the segment. It may not be the best, but i do believe this is the best and one of the best in the segment is terms of ride quality and we will get a sound level reading once we get up to speed okay.

How much the 2022 Hyundai Tucson Price?

Start at twenty four thousand nine hundred fifty bucks, sel 26.5 inline, $30.600 and the limited is $34.700. That is with front drive, though. Now, if we get this one sticker out um, we do have all-wheel drive, as well as the 1185 destination charge, to bring this one to $37.454 bucks, so overall wow what a change with this all-new generation of the 2022 Hyundai Tucson.