2022 Kia Carnival SX – The Ultimate Van For The Fam??

2022 Kia Carnival SX – So what i’m standing next to you today is the all-new 2022 kia carnival the replacement for the previous kia sedona now about a week ago. We sampled this all new product, but in the base lx trim level. However, today what we wanted to do is sample a model with a lot more equipment and that’s, exactly what we’re going to do so. Let’s, go ahead and jump right in and sample this high-end carnival.

2022 Kia Carnival SX Limited Color

2022 Kia Carnival SX Limited Color

What You Have to Get From 2022 Kia Carnival SX

So this new kia carnival is a minivan that really makes an impression from the second. You walk up to it, especially when you choose one of these sx trim levels which really loads it up and gives it a really sporty. Look that’s, just not typical for a minivan. So up here in the front you’re, going to notice that signature tiger nose face just like most the other kia products. However, you’re, going to notice up here at the top.


We have the new kia emblem that’s mounted up here on the hood, as opposed to in the grill and speaking of the grill, the sx trim levels. They come with a different finish from the other models. So you have this kind of smoked, chrome, rectangles that are inserted in here, which i think has a really nice.

Look to it now continuing that distinctive design at these headlights um very like it’s, a very distinctive, so you have full led headlights. This is actually your low beam and then you also have your high beams separated over here.

Your turn signal is right here and then you have this really squiggly daytime running light that runs all through here and kind of integrates in with the grille really unique. Look – and i really like it down here at the bottom, on the sx trim level and above this, is where you will, find your led fog lights as well.

Now, as we move around to the side of the 2022 Kia Carnival SX, you’re, going to notice something that really gets your attention and that’s these wheels. So these are 19 inch gloss black finished alloys, which are included on the sx, as well as the sx prestige. Again, you don’t really see that on a minivan to have full black wheels and they really look nice, especially in contrast with this model’s. Astra blue paint color, which i think looks phenomenal now moving above that we have our mirrors.

These are include pretty much all of the features, so we do have power folding. We have the led daytime running light heating and blind spot monitoring, and one thing you’re, probably noticing about this kia. 2022 Kia Carnival SX design is that it’s a little bit more squared off than the average minivan to kind of give it that more suv like appearance that a lot of people are looking for.

2022 Kia Carnival SX Gas Mileage

2022 Kia Carnival SX Gas Mileage

I also want to point out a few features that are going to be on the higher end models like this one, that’s, going to be these roof rails. We tested out an lx just a few weeks ago, and that did not have that, and i think this makes it look quite a bit larger or better, and then all of them are going to get this silver piece right here.

Now, whether you like this or not, that’s going to be up to you, but i do think it has a very distinct look and it does have this chrome piece that travels all the way throughout the rear and has that really continuous cool? Look to it now, looking at the rear itself, once again, a little bit more squared off than the typical minivan and as far as another thing that you’re, going to notice it’s, going to be these tail lights.

These are actually not led until you get to the s fully loaded, sx prestige model, so these are unfortunately going to be incandescent. However, they do still have a really cool look and then dropping down. This is where you’re, going to find your turn signal and reverse light. We also have a nice silver accent down here. However, you are not going to have exposed exhaust outlets on any of the carnivals.

Now the minivan is all about family. So, of course, you’re, going to want some safety systems standard. The carnival is going to deliver mostly on that. So three of your four safety systems, which would be ford emergency braking lane keeping assist and auto high beams, are going to be standard on all of the 2022 Kia Carnival SX.

If you go for the ex trim or higher, that’s, going to throw an adaptive cruise control and if you go for the sx trim or higher, that’s, also going to throw in rear, auto braking. But anyway, guys that sums up the really cool design of this sx carnival.

So every version of the carnival does come with a smart entry system and, as you can see, we do have the newest kia key fob design here with the new emblem on the 2022 Kia Carnival SX. It’s a little bit wider than the other models. As you can see, you have some extra buttons for the side door as well as your remote start, and then your other buttons are located here on the side and then you get inside the vehicle itself. You’ll notice.


Look to it, especially in this color scheme and speaking of colors. Let’s, go ahead and talk about those different options. So your base model comes with cloth, seating ex and sx come with leatherette and you can’t get real leather on the sx prestige, this being the sx trim.

Level means we have the leather red. Of course, that comes with your choice of black saddle brown or specifically for the sx, this tuscan umber color, which i really like turning over here to your door trim you’ll notice. It is more upscale, of course, than the lx. We showed you guys about a week ago, so you have the umber leather up here on the door trim.

You have a lot of piano black all through here, which i like. We also have two person memory seating on board, as well as four fully automatic windows heading down here to your seats. You have a couple more ways of adjustments. These are 12-way power, with 4-way lumbar support, as opposed to the 10-way on the lower models and then like. I was mentioning this is a leather-red seat, but very very convincing and really a nice design.

I love the perforations and the diamond design there, as well as other stitching details and the contrast just a really really nice and very comfortable seat as well. Now, of course, as you’d, expect for a high-end 2022 Kia Carnival SX, you are going to notice that the materials are better than the lx trim level, so across our upper dash.

This is going to be finished in a soft touch plastic. With a stitching detail, you also notice up there that the piano black does continue all around through this upper part. As we come down, you’re, going to notice that we have a faux wood trim as opposed to the faux aluminum, and i have to say very impressed by this.

2022 Kia Carnival SX Interior

2022 Kia Carnival SX Interior

It looks nice. It also has like a texture kind of engraved in it, so it’s, a little rough, very convincing, now moving down. We have a lot of piano black all through here. We have some kind of silver trim that runs along here. It is going to be hard touch, though. However, i will say, everything does fit together very very nicely no panel gaps, and it feels super solid, now start up put your foot on the brake and press the silver button.

So this sx trim level is almost fully loaded, but one thing you will notice that’s missing is the full 12.3 inch digital gauge cluster, that’s reserved for the sx prestige. Only and when you choose that option that will also throw in the blind view camera system, but as far as this one here.

Of course, you have your analog gauges and then you have the 4.2 inch multi-function display in the middle, which contains all the typical kinds of information, including your safety systems, on the last page, now coming back to the steering wheel, we have a really nice electric power, assisted steering wheel, wrapped in leather, with piano black accents as well as, of course, the new kia emblem as far as the wheel itself.

Here i want to open this up very nicely sized you do have quite a bit of storage, goes down nice and deep, with a felt lying at the bottom of it. And, of course, when we put it to the test where there are a thick stack of coupons for the whole family, it’s gonna fit in there, no problem whatsoever.

Now you do have some more storage right here in front of that. You get your two cup holders and then up in the front. We have another storage bin. This part right here is actually a wireless phone charging pad on ex and above and your phone can kind of slide back into that tray.

Now, back behind that you have a silver button here with your seat heating. This is standard on all but the very base model, and then, if you want seat ventilation that is included on this sx trim level or the sx prestige, of course, now, in regard to the rest of the climate controls, you ‘

Ve got this really nice sleek dual zone, automatic climate control setup again on all, but the base model, as you can see. Actually some of these buttons here are touch capacitive, but they’re, very responsive and then, as far as your temperature controls. Those are located right here with these toggles.

Of course, you can also control the rear by clicking that button or making adjustments up here in the main display, then up above that we’ve got our volume knob as well as again, some more touch. Yes, overall, sound quality of this system is quite nice. However, if you don’t find that satisfactory. You can still get the 12 speaker bose premium sound system by upgrading to the sx prestige model, all right.

So now let’s. Turn our attention up here to this large display. Obviously, this is different from the lx we reviewed about a week ago, this being the 12.3 inch display which is actually larger than what you get on the telluride or the sorrento models, and this is included on the ex trim level and above so it’s very nice that it’s on the vast majority of the trim levels.

So we’ll, just kind of take a quick look around you’ll notice. This is running, of course, the newest version of the kia uvo system, with all the graphic updates. As you can see, you have kind of a different design and it is very responsive as well.

I’ll just point out. Some of the most important features on board. First, you have your phone projection, so that’s, going to be android, auto and apple carplay with the large display. This is a wired connection, just like with other kia products.

However, if you get the base model with the eight inch display that actually will have a wireless connection built into this sx trim level, we have the navigation system which does take up the entire 12 inch display, or you can press that button right there and go Into a split screen view and then let’s, go and look into some of our specific features related to this carnival.

2022 Kia Carnival SX Change

2022 Kia Carnival SX Change

So if we press that button right there, that’s going to load up our camera system, so we actually have kind of a rear, uh surveillance system for the back passengers, and you can zoom in just like that off to the side there. You’ll, also notice. It pulled up our passenger talk system, so this is essentially an intercom system which will take your voice in the front and bring it through the speaker system to the people in the third row.

So they can hear you easily and you don’t have to yell. Now moving up to the very top you’re, going to notice a couple features that are sx prestige exclusive. So we do have the manual dimming mirror on this model. Still, if you want the home week, remotes and the auto dimming sx prestige and then up at the very top, we actually don’t have any type of moon roof.

That’s because the dual panel setup, that’s, going to be reserved for the sx prestige as well alrighty guys. So here i am in the 2022 Kia Carnival SX, rear seat and i’ll just go ahead and start by shutting the door before i blow away here. Um, as you can tell, it is a power door. It’s. Also hands-free, so that’s, a really nice touch and that’s, going to be standard on the carnival.

Now as far as uh, the features that you’re going to get in the space. Obviously there’s going to be a lot of it. So as far as the space i’ll start out with that. First, you’re, going to have 40 inches of both leg and headroom, which is a touch behind that of the toyota sienna, and you know, as you can see, behind routine position.

Space is definitely not going to be an issue i have, i would say, probably a foot: if not a foot and a half of rear leg room. My feet can slide up underneath the seat, and these seats do also recline quite a good distance, and they also slide forward and back a long long ways.

So that does make it usable for your third row as well as your second row. Whatever need you’re going to have now, you’re, probably also noticing that we do have bent seats on this model. If you go for the very base, lx trim or the sx prestige, you will have captains chairs, but all the other ones are going to get these this bench seat and then you can also fold it down and that’s going to give you A table as well as two more cup holders back here now let’s, go ahead and talk about the features.

So obviously this is a minivan. It has a lot of different features. I’ll start here in the center. We do have cup holders if we drop down below that. We have a household style outlet, a 12 volt power outlet down below that we have a storage cubby.

We also have usb ports in the back of each seat back and something else you’re, going to notice in the back of each seat back is that we have the rear seat, entertainment screens. So, as you can see there’s, two dual uh risky entertainment screens there’s, a lot of really nice features in here i see built-in netflix as well as youtube.

I can scroll through all that and that is going to be standard on the sx trim, as well as the sx prestige. Now, the sx prestige is also going to add a bunch of other features. Unfortunately, the heated and ventilated power reclining, all that is not included on this sx, but you can get that if you want it and then as far as other features.

We do have vents here on the right side, as well as our climate controls, our assist grip And we also have rear window sunshades now, a real real, important part of any minivan has got to be the third row. So let’s, go ahead and get back there and see what it’s like so.

2022 Kia Carnival SX Cargo Space

2022 Kia Carnival SX Cargo Space

In order to get back here, we just locate this little lever right here, pull it, and then that is going to fold it forward and allow you to slide the seat completely out of the way and getting back here in the third row. There is a lot of space, as you would expect with a minivan. This is actually a very, very comfortable third row. You’re gonna have 36 inches of your legroom 39 inches of rear headroom, which is a touch behind that of the toyota.

Sienna, but really it’s, not that far behind and as you can see, space is not really going to be an issue. I have a few inches to spare of leg room, and this seat is slid all the way back. My feet can slide up underneath of the seats, so they’re comfortable there, and the thigh support is just really fantastic.

Now, as far as other features, we’re, going to get. We have cup holders as well as a few storage. Cubbies we have a usb charging port on both sides and we also have third row window sunshades and vents now walking up to the 2022 Kia Carnival SX.

Tailgate you’re, probably noticing we do, have a hands-free smart opening one on this sx model, so that’s, a nice feature to have. If you just stand behind it, it will go ahead and sense. The key fob and open it up for you. So behind the third row seats, you have 40 cubic feet of space and that expands all the way up to 145 cubic feet. If you fold all of them, they haven’t provided a measurement behind the second row, but i assume it’s, going to be larger than that of something like the toyota sienna and right on par with most minivans.

Now, as far as other stuff to mention back here, we do have this pit right down here. It’s, nicely carpeted. You can, of course, fold the seats and flat into the floor to provide a completely flat loading floor. Then, off to the left side, we do have some storage cubbies. We also have a 115 volt household straw outlet back here, as well as a 12 volt power outlet, and then it also does have the unique feature of being able to smart clothes when you walk away.

2022 Kia Carnival SX Specification

So you don’t have to worry about that and then up top we have a very large sun visor. The mirror is huge and we also have a light and we can detach and extend nice so just like with the 2022 Kia Carnival SX. This has got the same three and a half liter v6 engine making 290 horsepower 262 pound-feet of torque, which kia points out is class.

Leading uh standard power for this segment um. I can definitely tell that this is really a stout engine yeah. You know it just gets up and going quickly. It also makes like a a nice ground to it as you go along, so it kind of just feels and sounds pretty powerful for a van yeah, and you know it’s worth mentioning that the toyota sienna, which is one of its arch rivals, Is gonna be hybrid only and it has a four cylinder engine so uh you are getting that benefit of having that smooth and refined v6 over something like the cmm nice.

2022 Kia Carnival SX Specification

2022 Kia Carnival SX Specification

I might as well go ahead and talk about the transmission. What we have on board is an eight-speed automatic transmission, just like with many other kia products. Really, no complaints about this transmission does a fine job. You know really smooth shifts it’s, something that it just kind of blends into the background.

You know, in my opinion, that’s. All you’re, really looking for in a minivan. You know it’s, something that has nice responsiveness, which it does but also blends into the background and like he was mentioning. The minivans mission is obviously it’s. Just to be super comfortable – and you know when we were driving this a week or so ago. I really was impressed by it and i still am with this sx model. It is so comfortable.

I mean pretty much. Any minivan is comfortable, so i can’t say it’s like way better than something else, but it is just absolutely insanely comfortable. Your family is going to enjoy every second that you’re in this, and i will get a sound level reading going 55 miles an hour here.

So we can compare to its rivals, keep in mind it’s super windy today. So i might raise the number just a little bit and we are looking at 56.8 decibels that’s, a very, very good reading, yeah and with that said, let’s, go ahead and go into our slam, dunk and air ball.

I’ll, start out today with the slam dunk and say it’s, the exterior as well as kind of the interior styling um, especially with this sx model um. It really looks quite nice for a minivan on the outside. Is that fully blacked out rims, i mean this is a stylish offering and the inside is just a really luxurious and nice place to spend time, especially for the money right and it’s, very suv like which is what people want now.

2022 Kia Carnival SX Price

2022 Kia Carnival SX Price

As far as our air ball is concerned, um there’s, just one fit piece that i think bothered me a little more than the other any anything else, and that’s. The fact that we don’t have a moon roof at all. I feel that uh, even though the panel roof could be reserved for the top trim. I think he should offer at least a single panel for a model like this.

How much the 2022 Kia Carnival SX Price?

That does not mean that this 2022 Kia Carnival SXdoes not still have a lot of value thrown in for the money. So let’s. Go ahead and talk about that. So with front drive um, the lx is going to start at $32.100, EX $37.600, 2022 Kia Carnival SX is going to be $41.100 and the sx prestigious $46.000.