What Should I Pay For a 2021 Mercedes GLC 300?

2021 Mercedes GLC 300 – Even though the GLC was just introduced as a name plate four years ago, it has quickly risen to become the best-selling Mercedes and also the best-selling crossover in its segment.

2021 Mercedes GLC 300 Release Date

2021 Mercedes GLC 300 Release Date

What You Have to Get From 2021 Mercedes GLC 300

Now, for 2021, Mercedes isn’t resting on its laurels, since it is adding more equipment and new safety gear as standard. But there’s, always new offerings being added to this segment. So is it still one of the best choices? Let’s, go ahead and find out.


So back when 2021 Mercedes GLC 300 replaced the previous glk, it went with a new and sleek design instead of the previous boxy design, and that mostly has continued on with the additional features that were added. In last year’s refresh, so what that gave you was the updated grille.  There are a couple different versions. You have the standard version. We have the amg line on this particular model, so that gives you the little diamonds in the inside, as well as one bar right here in the middle and then coming over here to your headlights.

These are also updated. Last year, they’re full led across every single version of the 2021 Mercedes GLC 300. As you can see, it has that same design as all the newest Mercedes models, and you can also get optional adaptive abilities in the exterior lighting package now coming down here to the wheels as a Mercedes product.

Of course, you’re, going to have an abundance of options. You’ll, have the same six different choices from last year in various different sizes. These are the optional amg, 20 inch alloys, and i think they look very nice and of course they’re, nice and large as well coming up here to your mirrors.

2021 Mercedes GLC 300 Limited

2021 Mercedes GLC 300 Limited

These are going to be finished with all of the features, so you have power. Folding, auto dimming and heating last year they added standard blind spot monitoring, and this year they’re, adding standard rear cross traffic alert.  Now the 2021 Mercedes GLC 300 has always been a very classy luxury crossover and that’s going to continue for 2021. Since Mercedes hasn’t really changed anything but breaking down the individual design elements that you’re, going to get with the GLC.

Now, of course, one of the most distinct elements are going to be. These full led tail lights. These have the newest Mercedes design, similar to what you see in the gls and every single component is going to be led, which is a nice touch and then dropping down to the diffuser area.

We have this nice chrome trim, which really classes up the design and we also have a dual chrome tipped fake exhaust. Now i do want to point out, of course these are fake and the tip is actually down there.

Now Mercedes is going to throw in a few of your safety systems as standard on all of the 2021 Mercedes GLC 300. So, in addition to the blind spot monitoring that drew mentioned earlier, you’re, also going to have ford emergency braking with pedestrian detection.  Now, if you opt for the driver’s, assistance package that’s, going to throw in all the niceties that you’re. Looking for, like active lane, keeping assist, active, steering, assist active blind spot monitoring and the semi-autonomous adaptive cruise control system.

2021 Mercedes GLC 300 Electric Feature

2021 Mercedes GLC 300 Electric Feature

So for the 2021 Mercedes GLC 300 we have a new standard feature right off the bat, and that is the intelligent entry system, otherwise known as keyless go. This is now standard on every GLC and, as you can see, we do have the latest Mercedes key fob now to get inside the vehicle just grab behind the handle.

Since there is a sensor, and when you do, your mirrors will fold out now taking a look inside of this cabin, this generation of GLC has always been praised for how nice the cabin is, and that does continue for 2021.


Now, of course, as a 2021 Mercedes GLC 300, you’d, expect nothing less than to have a lot of different interior material and color options, and indeed you do so. What you’re, going to start out with, is mb text. Synthetic leather that comes in this black or a silk beige color.

However, you do also have the availability of real leather, so you have several choices of color in that with a special magma gray option and if you choose the amg line like we have on this model, you also have cranberry red or saddle brown color options and Turn it over here to your door trim you’re, going to have nice materials from the top to the bottom, so you have a leather covering across your armrest with the color contrast, stitching detail.

2021 Mercedes GLC 300 Interior

2021 Mercedes GLC 300 Interior

You have more leather through here and then right through the middle. You have this really nice open, pore, gray, oak wood. Now in typical Mercedes fashion, you will find your seat controls up here on the door trim.

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It is a 14 way power adjusting seat, including a power thigh extension and power head rest. You also have three person. Memory, seating and heated seats as standard equipment and ventilation would be an extra cost option down below that.

We have four fully automatic windows. The amg line throws in the metal pedals there and then here’s. Your four-way lumbar support, like i was already mentioning. This is the mb tax synthetic leather, but it feels extremely realistic and also when you choose amg line, you get the special sport seats with thicker bolsters now this generation of the 2021 Mercedes GLC 300 has been around for several years now, but this cabin continues to really impress um.

It’s got materials that are one of the best, if not the best in the class. So you have a soft touch upper dashboard on this more basic version. However, you can get a full leather dashboard if you want that down below. We have some metal trim, we have some more soft touch materials. Then, of course you have this signature, waterfall style center console here, which is all covered in this beautiful, open, pore wood down on the sides.

Here we have more stitched leather for your knee to rest against and of course it is a Mercedes. After all, so everything in here is going to fit together absolutely seamlessly. Now, to start the 2021 Mercedes GLC 300 put your foot on the brake and press the standard button, and now that it’s fired up.

You’ll notice. The 12.3 inch reconfigurable gauge cluster, so this is optional on the 2021 Mercedes GLC 300, and this is one of the things they added last year in the refresh it does have all the same functions as you’ve, seen in other Mercedes products, so you can Swipe to a bunch of different views and fully reconfigure the design to whatever you like now coming back to the steering wheel.

2021 Mercedes GLC 300 Change

2021 Mercedes GLC 300 Change

Of course, you have electric power assisted steering with a nice leather, wrapped steering wheel. The buttons here are touch capacitive to control the display, as well as this display and the wheel itself is going to be power, tilt and telescoping. We also have the optional 250 dollar heating, but crossovers like this are designed for the family. So let’s, go ahead and check the interior storage, so opening up our center console here. This is a nice and large center console.

It is nicely felt lined as well, and there are some usb ports inside grab out the big stack of coupons here. It looks like they’re going to fit in here. No problem whatsoever yep very easily fit in there.

So it’s, definitely better than what you get in like an audi q5, for instance. Then, up in the front of that we have another storage area, it’s, going to have our cup holders. We have a little slot right here and a 12-volt outlet now, of course, in typical 2021 Mercedes GLC 300 fashion.

They don’t, put the shifter here on the console they put it up here on the steering wheel. So operation is very simple: just push down for drive when you do, you can shift via these paddle shifters, and then you push up for reverse.

Now that we’re in reverse, you’ll, see on this particular model. We have the optional surround vision, 360 degree, camera system, so you have both your traditional view as well as your regular view. Now you can switch between a whole bunch of views over here on the side, but do be aware that there is not a 3d drone view like you get in some of the Mercedes and audi products and for park just press the p right there.

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In the end of the stock – and you do have an electronic parking brake that automatically deploys all right so now let’s, go ahead and check out some of these buttons down here. This, of course, is for your drive mode or drive mode controller.

This turns on and off your auto start stop system and then right over here you have your buttons for the audio system. So what we have on board is the 590 watt 13 speaker burmester surround style system.  So let’s, go ahead and give that a sample.  So overall, this is definitely an excellent. Sound system produces a lot of bass plus you know i have to say it. Love these metal, speaker, grills, really good details and they look super nice okay.

So let’s, move on up the console here to our climate controls. So we have a standard, dual zone, automatic climate control setup on board. You can get a three zone automatic setup if you want, then of course you just push up and down on these toggles to adjust the temperature fan, speed and zones. Any additional functions are located with by pressing the menu and you can make those adjustments right up.

2021 Mercedes GLC 300 Premier Options Specs

2021 Mercedes GLC 300 Premier Options Specs

There, on the display and now here at the display, let’s, go ahead and talk about this, so this is the 10.25 inch display that was added last year in the refresh, and it is running the latest mbux software now like with all the Newest 2021 Mercedes GLC 300 products, you have three control methods, so it is a touch display.

You can use that controller down on the dashboard that i already showed you or this control panel right here on the right side of the steering wheel. As far as the features on board, you have standard android, auto standard apple carplay, and we also have optional navigation.

When you choose the optional navigation system, you can add the augmented reality navigation, which uses that camera feed to project uh different instructions right onto the view. In front of you, certainly a cool feature to have now jumping on up from that we have a standard, auto dimming mirror with the new famous design and three homelink universal remotes below it and then finally, up here at the top.

This is our panoramic sunroof. It’s kind of a dual panel setup, and this is optional on the 2021 Mercedes GLC 300. So here i am in the GLC’s. Rear seat and i have to say first impression – is actually really really good uh.

There is a lot of space back here and also a lot of luxury. Now, as far as these space figures are concerned, it’s, going to be rated at 37, inches of rear leg, room and 40 inches of your headroom, which places it right on par with that of its main rivals like the audi q5 and bmw X3 and behind receiving position, i have a solid, i would say six inches of rear legroom and my feet can easily slide up underneath the seat.

Now, as far as the features are concerned, all the models are going to have these nice vents here in the middle. It is optional to have your own climate controls back here. It’s, also optional, to have heated rear seats. We have neither of those options, but down below that we do have a regular household style outlet, as well as a 12 volt outlet. Besides that and then we can also fold down the center armrest and that has cupholders inside now walking up to the tailgate.

2021 Mercedes GLC 300 Cargo Space

2021 Mercedes GLC 300 Cargo Space

You are going to have a hands-free power, one standard across the entire lineup, which i’m very happy to see. So, in order to open just wave your foot under the bumper – and it does open quite quickly and once it does – you’re, going to find 19 cubic feet of space behind the second row.  Seats that expands all the way up to 57 cubic feet when you fold them. That does make it the smallest among its german offerings, like the bmw, x3 and audi q5. But it’s, really not a bad amount of space overall and as far as how it’s finished.

Of course this is a 2021 Mercedes GLC 300, so we have a super nice carpeting along the floor. If we lift it up, we do have a spare tire on this model, and then we also have a cargo cover up top, as well as our buttons to fold the seats which do fold 40.20. 40 split now over here on your passenger seat. You do still have the lumbar support, as well as a lot of adjustments. It’s, not exactly the same as the driver, though, but as far as the glove box is concerned.

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Now this is what i’m talking about 2021 Mercedes GLC 300. They know that you’ve got to have coupons in here, and they have put a lot of space in here. It’s really nicely felt lined and it’s, exactly the right width, so a plus plus and then up top. We have a sun visor. We have a mirror as well as an led light, and you can also detach it. However, there is not an extension in the end: All right so first taking off here in this 2021 Mercedes GLC 300. This comes with the standard 2-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine it’s, making 255 horsepower 273 pound-feet of torque.

2021 Mercedes GLC 300 Specification

2021 Mercedes GLC 300 Specification

An acceleration definitely feels uh good. For this class uh, the germans are quicker amongst the rivals for sure yeah. This is this and the um bmw x3, not eq5, or certainly some of the best driving overall in this segment, especially when you compare to something like a lexus nx. Now, of course, Mercedes does also offer several different other power trains. If this one doesn’t suit your needs, it’s, not fast enough for you. Of course, you can get the 43 model uh. That has way more power, 385 horsepower, and then they also have a like plug-in hybrid offered, the gle 350.

yeah. This is certainly more than enough power for most people and really quiet and refined powertrain delivery. You really just can’t hear a thing, especially once you start cruising along, oh yeah. Now i will go ahead and get a sound level ring. Since he was talking about how quiet it was uh. We’re, bringing it going 55 miles an hour, and we’re sitting at 56.4 decibels. That’s, a very, very good reading. That is a. I honestly believe that’s like right on par with that of the audi q5.

It may be like the exact same reading, but certainly very quiet in here, and also the ride quality. You know you may be thinking that the amg line makes it more of like a harsh ride, or maybe the optional 20-inch rims, that this one has will kind of make that bad. But this is certainly a very good ride and it just it’s. It’s, a luxury experience for sure that’s right Mercedes, just really emphasizes luxury with this 2021 Mercedes GLC 300, and you can tell that from the second. You get behind the wheel, and now we’ll, go ahead and talk about the air ball and slam dunk for the GLC.

How fuel-efficient will the new 2021 Mercedes GLC 300 be?

That’s, why? I really haven’t even mentioned until this point of the review it just uh it just blends in you know it’s, one of those transmissions that there’s, really nothing to complain about. You know it just goes about its business, it gives you power when you need it, and you know, goes to an upper gear and gives you a pretty decent fuel economy.

You know when you’re just cruising along and speaking of the fuel economy. The 300 rear drive is going to be rated at 25 combined and if you go for 4matic, all wheel drive is going to be 21. 28. 23 and that’s, pretty much on par with the rivals.

How much the 2021 Mercedes GLC 300 Price?

Now, as far as the pricing is concerned, the 300 rear drive is gonna, be starting at forty three thousand two hundred bucks, four matic all wheel drive is an additional two grand. So forty five two now this one has equipped.  This is kind of a middle option 2021 Mercedes GLC 300. This is probably how most people will buy them. We have quite a few options and then 1.050 destination brings us one to fifty three thousand six sixty. So there are certainly more options you can get on.

2021 Mercedes GLC 300 Price

2021 Mercedes GLC 300 Price

The GLC at the one we did last year was almost 60-64.000 um, but this is probably how most people will equip it yeah. I have to say i feel like this is a really a sweet spot there. You have really all of the main essential equipment.You have really good, looks lots of luxury in the inside plenty of equipment. You know this. This GLC, especially after the refresh last year, added the upgraded technology uh.

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